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Professional and Strategic Communications - Essay Example

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Professional and Strategic Communication Introduction Professional communication is the communication at the workplace that encompasses oral, written and visual and is aimed at promoting services and products in organizations. Professional communication can be either verbal or non-verbal in nature whereby verbal is defined as the interaction between people involving the listener and the speaker while the non-verbal communication consists of the message other than the words used in the communication…
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Professional and Strategic Communications
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Download file to see previous pages It therefore fuses the pushing and the delivering through the communication of the best message through the right channels as measured against a well-considered communication-specific and organizational goals. Strategic communication always involves different professional disciplines that may include management, technical communication, advertising and media relations amongst other relevant disciplines. Successful strategic communication must endeavour to communicate in order to influence a target audience or group of individuals and must be rational and authentic. Therefore, strategic communication concerns itself with planning for the future, implementation of specific tactics and taking into consideration the dynamism of the environment. This paper explores both professional and strategic communication through the exploration of the important role that behaviour change plays in successful communication and the challenges in the management of communication. For effective professional and tactful communication, it is important that the person or the organization observes certain factors. The person communicating must be able to determine his objective before embarking on the communication in that you should understand the message before expressing it to others as establishing the goal will make the communication is concise and appropriate. It is important to consider your relationship to the audience or the persons to whom the communication is intended to by keeping and adhering to your professional status in mind as you communicate to the audience in anticipation of their reaction to the message being conveyed. The person communicating must use the appropriate terminology to demonstrate his professionalism and competence in passing the message across. Professional communication dictate that the person stays in control of his body language as the audience normally evaluates the message and its intention based on the posturing and the choice or words as even the most tactful message can repel an audience. Azjen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) as espoused by Icek Ajzen is important as it helps us in the understanding the transformation in behaviour of a person as it predicts deliberate behaviour or that behaviour that has been planned. It was developed after the discovery of the fact that behaviour is not always fully voluntary and under control which was later taken as perceived behavioural control. Therefore, the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) states that the actions by human beings are guided by three considerations which include the behavioural beliefs which are those that are due to the consequences of behaviour and normative beliefs that are those beliefs about the normative expectations of others. Another consideration is the control beliefs that are the belief about the presence of factors that may expedite or impede the performance of behaviour. These considerations argued by Ajzen are important in the changing of the behaviour of human beings. It is important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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