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The most reason for the people being hostile to others is because of the difference in color. The article discusses this issue into details and discovers that most…
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Racial reading notes
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Racial reading s Pat summary In the article, the argues about racial microaggressions that are witnessed throughout out the world. The most reason for the people being hostile to others is because of the difference in color. The article discusses this issue into details and discovers that most individuals who are victims are not aware that they are being racial. The article also talks about the changing face of racism, and the manifestation of racial microaggression.
Part 2; reaction
My reaction to this article is that it enlightens people globally to practice love and unity. It promotes cohesion and friendship that enhances understanding and boost the economy since people will be working together. I believed that racism was something that could not be stopped but after reading this article, I believe that the world can overcome this problem.
Part 3; relation
I relate this article to one of the article in the New York Time magazine. Read More
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