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Execution Methods - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper is an annotated bibliography related to the topic of execution methods. The author tries to analyze such works as Baker, Peter. “Obama Orders Policy Review on Executions.”, Death Policy Information Center. “Oklahoma Botches Execution of Clayton Locket.” etc…
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Execution Methods
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Extract of sample "Execution Methods"

Download file to see previous pages Baker, Peter. “Obama Orders Policy Review on Executions.” The New York Times. 03 May 2014. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 05 May 2014.<|A366879542.>
In this article, there is a focus on policy required in implementing of the death penalty in various parts of the country. Baker notes that the Oklahoma execution is a clear example that something is amiss in the process of conviction. It shows the president of the United States also called for policy review in the sector. I chose the article as it helps in showing what need to be done to balance the view of those for and against the death penalty. The article is of the essence as it helps in showing areas that need policy changes.
Baldus, David, C., Grosso, Catherine, M., Woodworth, George, Newell, Richard. “Racial Discrimination in the Administration of the Death Penalty: The Experience of the United States Armed Forces (1984-2005).” Journal of criminal law and criminology 101.4 (2011): 1227-1335. Print.
The article presents evidence that there is racial bias in the implementation of the death penalty. The authors note that this is well documented in the administration of the death penalty in the United States armed forces in over two decades. The authors rely on three scenarios of racial disparities in the treatment of similarly situated death-eligible offenders. I chose this article as it highlights racial bias in the implementation of the death penalty programs. It is also of benefit as it helps in presenting evidence while the death penalty should be stopped due to racial bias in issuing the death sentences.
BBC News- US & Canada. “US president Obama Calls for Death Penalty Review.” Web. 05 May 2014
The article highlights the concerns of the United States president over the manner in which death penalty is executed in the country. The concern is based on the heinous execution of Clayton Lockett in the state of Oklahoma. The president expressed his feeling on the botched execution and calls for a rethinking of the process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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