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RESEARCH PROCESS: METHODOLOGY, ANALYSIS AND REFLECTIONS Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Communication and sharing of information between persons is as old as the human civilization. However, there have been revolutionary stages that would be pointed out in the field of communication especially concerning mass communication where through a common media or platform, many people are reached with the same information…
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Research Process: Methodology, Analysis and Reflections
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Download file to see previous pages These means enable large segments of people be reached with similar information despite the difference in physical/geographical positions they are in. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that there are differences exhibited in the manner in which information is conveyed and shared thorough the different mass media as heighted above. The nature of information to be shared as well as the target audience greatly influences the choice of media to be used. This is because attributes of the information such as urgency as well as the sensitivity may influence the choice of a rather fast means of transmission for effectiveness. Besides, cost implication of the media used matters as some mass media tools are quite expensive when compared to others and efficiency resultant may differ from one to another. Explanation of the topic of research: traditional mass media and the modern blogs The world of journalism and mass media keeps changing and the dynamism explains the variation in tools and means used for mass communication and reporting. People have also been changing in adoption of tools for journalism as necessitated by the changing trends in technological advancement era. The change in technology however brings about not only advantages but there are also accompanying shortcomings. In this understanding, this paper intends to present a comparison between what the traditional mass media presents against what the modern technology presents as means of mass communication especially what is being used for journalism. It is evident that there are various differences that would be directly pointed out between the traditional media as well as the modern media in use for journalism. In this context, the traditional media refers to such media as the television and radio broadcasting as well as print media, which have been in existence for long when compared to the emerging media through use of internet such as blogging and social media platforms. Blogging is a personal form of communication in which users maintain and market pages on the internet to their target audience via a distinct medium or platform such as a website or a domain hosted within another website. Traditional media on the other hand refers to the radio, television and newspaper some of the oldest modes of news dissemination. Most of the traditional media companies currently run parallel-dedicated news websites owing to the technological developments and the conveniences of the internet. In their websites, such companies maintain the reporting standards used in their traditional media and therefore employ several quality analysts and custodians of their information. This study takes the focus of analyzing the use of the two types of media as pertained to the reporting and communication of the Australian fire tragedy. The theoretical perspective adopted is through analysis of the modern dynamic theories, which critically cover almost all disciplines of importance such as the cultural attributes, philosophy, history, anthropology, sociology, technology as well as scientific evolutions among others. Dynamism in the field of mass media and communication triggers and influence the way people think and or perceive things. The notable difference is in the way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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