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An essay "Traditional And Citizen-Based Forms Of Journalism" outlines that being traditionally professional is the reference to an amalgamation of features together with a claim to control and the command of cost-effective resources accessible to mainstream media organizations…
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Traditional And Citizen-Based Forms Of Journalism
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Download file to see previous pages The professional media draw their organizational authority and charge from their production of their work within the journalism norms. This means that traditional journalism entails professionally paid staff, officially recognized by the press (Reese et al., 2007). Such members of staff are trained and proficient in the journalistic dexterity and often have formal or ceremonial training. Advertising and subscriber support provides traditional journalism with the means to extensively distribute their listed product such as news, shows, and events. On the contrary, citizen journalism has its emergence from individuals and citizenry interest factions seeking to articulate thoughts or position within the civic discourse. Participants in the citizen journalism need not hold traditional journalistic code as a prerequisite for participation. By designation, these citizenry media command less financial feasibility and may be based on a subsidy, non-profit, or no revenue model at all (Reese et al., 2007). Contributors only require motivation and willingness to have a word with the public. Unlike traditional journalism, citizen journalism creates lively and interactive conversations on personal sites, NGO) websites, chain emails, social media platforms, and message boards. Apparently, as shown above, the two models of journalism though having the same objective- informing the public of trends and news, they have distinct structures and approaches in operations for efficient service delivery.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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