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The state of Journalism in America - Essay Example

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This paper explores the state of journalism in America. Journalist in the United States began as a humble affair. The increasingly fight for democracy and freedom for the press became a force that could not be overcome…
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The state of Journalism in America
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Download file to see previous pages As America cities such as Boston, Washington, New York and Philadelphia grew so did journalism. The telegraph, larger printing presses, alongside other technological innovations provided for mass printing of newspapers, and boosted circulation of the newspaper thereby increasing revenues collected (Winfield, 2008). In large cities, some of the newspapers were politically independent. For smaller cities, most were closely tied to political parties, which were used to communicate and campaign. The editorials of such newspapers explained party position on current issues while damning the opposition. The press expanded rapidly as the major support element in the American party systems. By 1900 key newspapers had turned into profitable power houses of muckraking, sensationalism and advocacy, along with professional news gathering. In the late 19th Century much of United States Journalism were housed in large media conglomerates. The digital journalism was later introduced in the 21st Century, with all newspaper facing business crisis as readers turned to internet as their major source of getting news with advertisers following them (Joyce, & Nip, 2006). The increasing growth of the impact of internet, particularly in after 2000, introduced “free” news. It also classified advertisements to audiences that could no longer care for paid subscriptions. Many dally newspapers had the business model undercut by the Internet. Bankruptcy loomed across America and even hit major papers such as the Chicago Tribune, the Loss Angeles Times, and the Rocky Mountain news among many others. Since then, journalism has never remained the same. This paper explores the state of journalism in America....
However, like other public service broadcasting corporations in which journalists operate, often derive some of their funding from the government. Some public service corporations derive their funding from the community or non-profit organizations. Other forms of funding include pledges from sponsors. The government directly discharges broadcasting services, albeit their limited number. Public broadcasting corporations often come with their programs. They also purchase the programs from distributing and producing companies such as APT, APM and NPR, among others. The funding of the public broadcasting corporations are channeled through the Public Broadcasting Corporation (Brad, 1994). The Public Broadcasting Television service receives support from the viewers, as well as commercial sponsors. It is this feature that has made them to be characterized as commercial broadcasting corporations. However, it is worth noting that the commercial advertisements are often limited, short and relatively muted. Technologies have enabled the public to access the channels of television through the cable systems, which are funded by the franchise fees and television donations (Brad, 1994). The United States’ public broadcasting television channels have been widely criticized for leaning towards conservatism. Since 2012, erosion of news reporting resources has continued to converge with increasing opportunities for those on government agencies, politics, companies with others taking messages directly to the public (Fuller, 1999). In 2012, there were signs of shrinking in reporting power. The estimates for cutbacks in the newspaper newsroom in 2012 put media industry down 30 percent since 2000. It also put the industry below 40,000 employees who are on a full-time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The State of Journalism in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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