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It picks the name “immersion journalism” from the fact that it requires journalists to maintain an active involvement in their exploration of different topics (Purdue…
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Journal / Clippings File
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Download file to see previous pages Conover, a New York based journalist, spend one year as an undercover journalist in Sing Sing Prison. The facility, standing in a debilitated manner, was regarded as a model facility in 1826. However, today, guards never wish to be assigned to the facility. The journalists disguised himself as a guard for the one-year period during which time he researched and wrote about the prison’s history as a go-to execution and detention site. Grappling with ethical issues and staying safe while within the confines of the prison were hard tasks. However, his triumph made the story of how prisons brutalize guards and inmates known. Finally, Conover was able to make it through several weeks of waking up behind the prison’s wall to bring out a lively story (Clark 1).
I regard this as literary journalism because of the language that the writer uses and the trouble that he goes through to make his story interesting, yet factual. Conover disguises himself as a prison guard and undergoes through harsh conditions of the prison just to present a historical and day-to-day account. The final report is full of stylistic expressions that make the articles a good read.
Didion crafted Salvador from a chain of essays penned for the New York Books Review, recounted from the war at El Salvador in 1982. This predominantly petrifying war was directly connected to the United States foreign policy. Didion is concerned with how politicians apply torture and murder – internationally and locally. For America, El Salvador was one of the last sites for the fight against communism. The journalist brings her keen eye to how this developed, where the “dead and their pieces are present in every part of El Salvador, and people take every day for granted.” The writer looks at both the “body dumps” and the “apparition resorts on the desolate Pacific beaches” (Clark ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Journal / Clippings File Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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