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Choose two case studies and answer the question, is investigative journalism essential to democracy Why - Essay Example

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Also known as the ‘fourth arm of the government,’ media has helped unearth incidences that have changed the way governments operate all across the world. Journalism ensures the public are…
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Choose two case studies and answer the question, is investigative journalism essential to democracy Why
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Download file to see previous pages In particular, investigative journalism has led to the fall of various unethical leaderships and ousting of corrupt governments in various parts of the world. Chief among the key events that investigative journalism has unearthed include the Watergate scandal and Joseph McCarthy’s propaganda plot. In addition, corrupt governments in Latin America have been exposed through the efforts of investigative journalists. This led to ousting of President Fernando Collor de Mello of Brazil in 1992, President Abdala Bucaram of Ecuador in 1997, President Alberto Fujimori of Peru in 2000, and President Carlos Andres Perez of Venezuela in 1993. These are a few cases where investigative journalism has facilitated the widening of the democratic space while ensuring that the public interest is taken care of. In this essay, an analysis of the case of Joseph McCarthy’s propaganda and that of President Alberto Fujimori of Peru will be put into perspective.
Investigative journalism has over the years has promoted the attainment of a democratic society. On one end, it has helped the society embrace governments and institutions. On the other hand, the journalists have investigated incidences where there are excesses of the democratic privilege. In such scenarios, democracy has been used abused and individuals used it for their selfish interests. The media has the responsibility of exposing any matter for the sake of the even though the issue implicates individuals in authority. Through such interventions, investigative journalists ensure that people get the opportunity to express their views based on valid information that has been obtained from credible sources. Media also provides a platform in which performance is monitored for government and institutions. In many cases, scandals revealed through investigative reports trigger judicial investigations while at the same time providing evidence of wrongdoing. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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