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The Organizational Structure of Sports Journalism, Everyday Life and the Job of Sports Journalists - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Organizational Structure of Sports Journalism, Everyday Life and the Job of Sports Journalists" states that sports journalism which was once considered as a toy department in Newspapers and broadcasting channels, now become a revenue-generating house for the organizations. …
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The Organizational Structure of Sports Journalism, Everyday Life and the Job of Sports Journalists
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Download file to see previous pages The history of sport can’t be considered separately from the history of sports journalism that started already in 850 BC when Homer wrote about the victory of Ajax and Odysseus. Homer’s poetry is already considered to be the first sports journalism, notwithstanding that the real development of it began in the 1800s when many sports events were fixed in written form. After the Olympics was held in 1908, the job of sports editor became popular (Andrews, 2005). Already in 1930 newspapers started offering vacancies of sports editors whose job was to create the content for sports news. The appearance of the Associated Press in 1945 also contributed greatly to the popularity of the sport as it published sports news on the front page that was never done before. Television also greatly influenced the development of sports journalism, particularly in the field of baseball and football (Andrew, 2005). The area of sports journalism underwent many changes after 1954. These changes were caused by the creation of the illustrated magazine, where sports issues were covered (Smith, 2008). The evolution of technology makes the area of the sport always available even for those who do not go into sports but are still fond of sports competitions. These people can trace the results of their favorite sportsmen and teams on TV (Smith, 2008). The given paper will discuss the area of sports journalism. It will describe the organizational structure of the field as well as everyday life and the job of sports journalists. The work will also consider the future development of the field, and the issues sports journalists are currently facing. What does the job of sports journalist mean and what does it give to us? T ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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