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Journalism is the profession of conveying the realities and happenings of the world to the public. Citizens of a country have a right to understand what is going on in a nation and other parts of the world…
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Download file to see previous pages However, we can see that sometimes journalist are provided with instances which are unethical and distasteful. A journalism as a profession has ethics and standards and on that basis we can see that they have an obligation to protect the rights and morals of a society. The journalist being responsible for what they convey to the people they must be allowed not to cover a story they find unethical or distasteful. (Thesis) It is noticeable that most of the news content in the media is not suitable to all viewers and are malicious. Violence, abuse and vulgarity have become a common scene of news channels. As a journalist, people come across many kinds of situation in their professional life. But at times their morality and ethics would not allow them to cover such news. So they should be allowed not to cover such instances. This is about the freedom in work as the journalist must have right to work in his manner in his space. As a professional they completely understand what is instances has the potentiality for news coverage. The journalist while doing his job also is doing a humanizing process. Journalist brings news from around the world to us. But sometimes Journalist may be forced to cover instances and events which go against the ethics like murdering situations, sexually exploiting instance and inhumane behaviors. The journalist might be unwilling to cover such situations but many be intimidated by the news channels to report it. Such conditions must not exist as it may be an invasion in to their professional conduct. A journalist can be comfortable if he is allowed to do his work in alliance with his ethical and moral perspective. They need to be given freedom to choose what they opt to cover or omit. Journalists are professional people and they have a code of ethics on which they work. Journalist is always under pressure from various sources which would make them work with much less freedom. News media is also a sort business and sometimes they are forced to cover matter which can be often unethical or distasteful to the journalist. The media channel may want to promote a particular even which may give benefits for them. A journalist should be fair and courageous in covering news and should be given choice to cover or not to cover a story. If they are allowed not to cover unethical and distasteful things then they feel content about their profession. The main issue here is every journalist has a mind of their own while they works on their story. The journalist understand the news converge makes a large impact on the audience and the society or may be world as a whole. The journalist needs to keep in consideration the emotional, ethical, religious and cultural value of people around the world. Sometimes their own religion or culture may prevent them from covering a certain event or happening. So the journalist should be allowed what he might prefer to cover. If he feels insecure and restricted the journalist might lose the creativity and interest in his work. The journalists can feel that they have no role in his job. Every story covered by a journalist is their freedom of expression. If one cannot express then one cannot be a good journalist. It is also essential to understand that unethical reports can damage the reputation of the journalist as well as the media. According to Grynko ( 2012,pg 259 -274)“As truth seekers and truth presenters, the journalists must be open and honest with their audiences”. Truthiness to the facts he is presenting and covering reports that are ethical and suitable to audience should be in the parameters of the job responsibility and obligation of journalists. The journalist shou ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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