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Media and Cultural Landscapes - Essay Example

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MEDIA AND CULTURAL LANDSCAPES Name Instructor Task Date Media and Cultural Landscapes Introduction Media consumption plays a critical role in influencing opinions and ideologies, in societies. For media to impact on populations, there has to be its utilization by the larger public (Sparks 2012 P 42)…
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Media and Cultural Landscapes
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Download file to see previous pages Most of my medium consumption happened using telecommunication gadgets such as mobile phones. Other activities that are part of media consumption entail playing online games, reading newspapers and charting over the social network sites. Lastly, I read posters and other forms of public advertisement. This paper discusses on the effects that media consumption has on the “Corporations, Social & Environmental Responsibility” and theories of the consumer to the society. 1. Corporations, social & environmental responsibility and reading magazines This involves the communities’ activities towards promoting their general welfare. It is evident that reading magazines promotes CRS among population globally through encouraging enlightenment in populations. Using media organizations and individuals can initiate development projects while being guided by information from magazines (Aggarwal, & Gupta 2001). In addition, persons make ethically accepted choices in terms of behaviour within communities through reading about moral practices. However, reading magazines has not influenced peoples habits compared to watching television. Through reading magazines, I get information on the current happenings in both political and fiscal events within the country. Straubhaar, Larose & Davenport (2012) asserts that newspapers apart from educating the masses, they are a massive literature source for entertainment to the public. The foremost part of this study will discuss reading magazines as the first act of consumption thereafter, reading magazines by different audiences. Magazine in this case applies to informative written materials such as newspapers and trade journals (Sparks 2012). Through reading publications, I was able to get an insight on the happenings that promoted CSR within the country. Media enhanced my knowledge for understanding the use of technology and other forms of improvements such as the innovation of electronic commerce activities. It happened after reading manuals and other writings about the use of electronic equipments. According to Aggarwal, & Gupta, (2001), media acts as a source of revenue for practitioners in the reporting field such as journalists. Media can act as a tool for promoting nationalism among populations. Through media, institutions have been able to conduct research in various fields of practice such as science and art. Media use is for the public good like promoting ethics within populations (Sparks 2012). Ideas from magazine articles help in creating awareness for urgent CSR issues requiring critical attention. Likewise, authorities use media to develop nationalism by encouraging citizens to read. It increases literacy levels of individuals, and it is the best mode communicating at speed within communities. Public relations are an integral part of mass media, which greatly contribute towards effective communication by individuals. In the current technologically advanced era, organizations strongly focus towards providing superior cooperate assistance to various communities (Straubhaar, & Larose 2006). Ideally, journalists have the requisite capacity to investigate communal needs and expectations regarding specific projects that would improve their social and environmental setting. CSR is vital for institutions to give back realized fortunes to locals through identified projects to strengthen the existing bond between the corporation and community members. According ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media and Cultural Landscapes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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