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Media and communication theories - Essay Example

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The concept of global communication thus emerged and established in the world. The communication didn’t remain only within a limited periphery. But the people from all…
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Media and communication theories
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Download file to see previous pages The rate of online literacy is increasing day by day. People find different ways of communication. We send SMS messages, we leave the messages on answering machine if the person is not available on phone, we use search engines for surfing, we use scanners, and we create the websites, we communicate via mails to any person. The person from one corner of the world can easily chat with another person sitting at the other corner of the world just through the medium of the computer and internet. The person can share his opinions before the huge mass through blogs, website, pictures, and emails. The new media has occupied almost all the fields. It is the traditional media who sew the seeds of democracy among the people and it is the new media who taught the audience how to become democratic in real sense. Thus the audiences have become active and participative. Here in this paper the main focus is on the role of audience in media production as well as media consumption
Communicating the huge mass or creating good rapport with the people has been the major need since ancient time. In ancient time the kings use to propagate themselves through the contemporary traditional media such as sculptures or by building monuments. In ancient India for example the Emperor Ashoka’s rock edicts and pillar inscriptions are the examples of the ruler’s attempt to communicate with the large number of people. The Roman rulers used wall posting including the imperial dicta to inform the public. They were types of news bulletins and were known as Acta Diurna (Daily Acts). Some historians considered them as the first newspapers. On the onset of industrialization the invention of the printing press changed the entire scenario and the newspapers started publishing and thus they became the major source of information for the people. Theatre and other performing arts also played the role of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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