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Enterprise, weekly blogs and Portfolio - Coursework Example

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The paper provides the analysis of social technology that could enhance personal branding and credibility. It is of high importance to mention that the creation of blogs and linking them to social sites like Facebook and Twitter can improve one's business…
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Enterprise, weekly blogs and Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages There are major benefits and value levels associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0. For example, the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 enhances the reputation of a company. Coca-Cola Company implements Enterprise 2.0 through the Coca-Cola fan page. This enhances the reputation of the company by allowing Coca-Cola fans to create and maintain content, which presents Coca-Cola as an attractive company. Moreover, the Coca-Cola fan page manifests how the company adopts new web technologies, which improve the company’s reputation. The fan page equally increases the company’s visibility in the market. Through the fan page, the company can establish and address various customer needs.
The implementation of Enterprise 2.0 relates to specific functional areas. Indeed, the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 through the Coca-Cola fan page enhances product development and customer service across the enterprise. Indeed, through the Coca-Cola fan page, the consumers help in product development by giving their views and comments on various company brands. The company can draw the consumer’s response to various products by following their views and comments on the fan page. This will help the company to develop products that address consumer’s needs in diverse locations. The Coca-Cola fan page is a significant medium that fosters customer service in the company. Moreover, the company can access customer response and feedback on the fan page. By addressing these views and comments, Coca-Cola fosters customer service. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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