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The essay comprises the study about the evolution of printing and its significance in this present day context. Mass media refers to both print and digitalized communication channels that aid in disbursing information to a larger audience…
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Print vs. Digital Media
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Download file to see previous pages During that time, there were fewer publishing firms and most of the times, a lot of works ended up not being published. As a result they still remain unnoticed to this date. Through the ages, the significance of print media has slightly reduced; however, its importance still remains the same as back in the ancient times. The popularity of certain print journals and/ or books in the past such as the “Excursion to Scotland, 1832” clearly shows that despite digital media being the most preferred form of media in the 21st century, print media still has its sound roots in 21st century media culture. The journal was written in a bid to recount an excursion that started out in London to Scotland and back again in 1832. To date the author of the journal is anonymous probably because there was no proper channels of recording print information as well its storage. Despite that, this journal is currently preserved in the Internet archive as one of the most indulging novels of the 18th century. Another form of ancient print media was the book “The Book Hunter in Paris” by Octave Uzanne. It was written just a year after the “Excursion to Scotland, 1832”. Due to its significance, the book is currently preserved as a digital copy to ensure that it will still be available in a number of years to come. The 20th century saw the optimal boom in the use of digital forms of mass media such as the Internet media as well as broadcast internet media. A good example of internet media is the use of online travel blogs which can be accessed by anybody anywhere in the world. Literature review According to Chitra and Neelamalar (2013), print media can be termed as the “mother” of communication due to the fact...
This essay approves that the digital media with its immense advantages has overtaken the utilities of print media in this present day context. It has been viewed that in Europe, people reading newspaper is very less in comparison with the one using the internet. The digital media is more interactive and effective as compared to print media. If an example is to be taken into concern in this regard, then it can be stated that the promotional campaign of a certain product of a specific company carried with the assistance of digitalized media helps to communicate directly with the customers and solve their problems on spot. However, print media does not promote such facility. In a general sense, one of the differences between print media and digital media can be represented as that print media contains writing on the bound books paper and digital media comprise writing on computer screen.
This report makes a conlusion that the above study was conducted with an intention to attain knowledge of print media and digital media in the context of mass communication. The print media is the foundation of printing technique in the world, which later developed to digitalized form. The digital media came into popularity when there was a greater need of printing in bulk quantities and within the stipulated time period. Both the forms of media have contributed a lot to mass communication. In this case, it can be affirmed that none of the aspects i.e. print media and digital media cannot be replaced as such books in the form of print media cannot be substituted by the television or neither the internet access as digital media can be replaced by reading newspaper. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Print Vs. Digital Media Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words)
Print Vs. Digital Media Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
“Print Vs. Digital Media Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words”, n.d.
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