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Theological Language and Digital Media - Research Paper Example

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Name of Professor Theological Language and Digital Media Introduction Transformations in the human environment stem from developments in technology, particularly in digital media. The digital technologies have successfully linked information/data on a massive extent…
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Theological Language and Digital Media
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"Theological Language and Digital Media"

Download file to see previous pages This essay is about the relationship between theology and the digital media. More specifically, this essay discusses how theological ideas might better be communicated digitally. Thus, this essay includes a comprehensive analysis of the nature of theological language and the challenges they face in the 21st century, and how digital methods and tools could enhance communication of theology. Historical Overview Before discussing the contemporary relationship between theology and the media, it is important to take into consideration the influence of the codex book on current interpretations of theology. Throughout the history of Christianity, the codex Bible has been used not just as a book of narratives, insights, and guidelines but as the medium of mystical transformation and spiritual communication (Elwell 2011, 15). When Anthony Bernard learned Matthew 19:21 and surrendered all his material belongings to lead a Christian life, or when Agnes Ozman personified the declaration of glossolalia, in every chapter, a person was changed spiritually by God’s divine utterance (Kling 2004, 311). The codex Bible has been a life-transforming testimony. The codex Bible is not only a life-transforming instrument but are reconstructed and revived in the historical and discursive practice. As a specific text evolves over time, it goes through different interpretations and relevance. For example, African Americans translated the exodus narrative into their own narrative-- first a narrative of emancipation from slavery, then eventually God’s salvation from all kinds of repression and abuse. In certain instances a text which is dead eventually becomes alive (Soukup, Buckley, & Robinson 2009, 3). For instance, Matt. 16:18-19, or also called the Petrine text, was dead for hundreds of years before it was summoned as an evidence of the pre-eminence of Rome’s bishop. A specific book of Scripture works to authorise what has already taken place or to strengthen the existing context of opinion. In certain instances, nevertheless, texts are clearly quoted to validate a current historical truth. For instance, the Petrine text embodies a “retreat from exegesis to later history,” (Fouracre 2005, 745) because it was quoted as the biblical evidence for the pre-eminence of Rome’s bishop. A developing field in the conversion of the Bible is the presentation of the codex book in digital formats. The theological language was a largely oral tradition wherein the readings were read vocally, normally in group contexts. Contemporary bibles are printed manuscripts (Waters 2006, 71). The technological world introduces the digital media or electronic formats. Books contend with digital technologies like computer, television, film, and so on. The digital world presents new media for the translation of the Bible. What is discussed here is the issue of actual translation, not merely the issue of how to create multimedia productions or films ‘adapted from’ the Bible. This relationship between digital media and ancient Bible translation perhaps clarify why several scholars of biblical media are particularly interested not just in the study of new media for translating and presenting the Bible but also in bringing back antique oral types of Bible presentation (Knauss & Ornella 2007, 116). This twofold interest is particularly apparent in the work of Thomas Boomershine—a widely renowned lecturer and author in the translation o ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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