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Name: Professor: Class: Date: Sociology A medium is a channel of communication where people send and receive information. Printed words in a newspaper for instance are the medium. Something is communicated to us through the medium. Media is the plural form for medium…
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Download file to see previous pages Functionalist examine the media from a functional framework that stresses on everything that happens has its purpose. From the functionalist perspective, media performs a surveillance function. That is to entertain, enforce social norms, keep us informed, socialize and confer status. However, mass media could also perform a narcotizing dysfunction and hence be both counterproductive and dysfunctional to an extent that it desensitizes us of the events. When media alerts the public for instance about a pandemic, it serves its information and news function, if the public panics, then it becomes a dysfunction (Kahn & Patrick). Conflict theorists view the media to reflect and deepen the divisions in the society. This is done through gatekeeping, which regulates the content that will reach the public. The media spreads the dominant ideology that overwhelms local cultures and defines the reality. The theory stresses on the role of coercion and power in producing social order (Chen & Starotsa). Conflict theory can be used to explain the influence of the media to the youth considering who controls the media. Media can be used as tool for those in power to favour or further their interests. The poor (proletariat), according to the theory, will be continually exploited until they unite and overthrow the rich. Feminist’s theories argue that media images of the sexes communicate stereotypical, unrealistic and limiting perspectives of women. They proposed changes in the media pushed by the androcentric nature of the history and research idolized in the field. The media is powerful tool that influences how we view men and women. The theory emphasizes that women are underrepresented and thus insignificant, women are portrayed in ways that for instance indicate peril and relationships with males emphasize traditional sex roles that normalize violence against women. Structural interactionism is the process of interaction and formulation of meaning from individuals. It takes into account the meaning making of an individual or group focussing on the human action. Interactionist theory examines the media in its core level and look into how it shapes the day to day social behaviour. Interaction with the media will influence the individual. Friendship networks can emerge from common viewing habits. A postmodern perspective challenges the modernist view on progress, human improvement, truth, science, art and technology that would lead to a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness. Postmodern perspectives are seen in the contemporary art, architecture, music, fiction and film that challenge traditional forms. New mass media has characteristics that if combined, they are very different to the other forms. Online news sources have become very popular but that does not mean they are the only source of information. Many adults over the age of twenty five prefer news media outlets leaving hope for the survival of the traditional media in the fierce competition from its digital competitor. Both sources of information are not conflicting but rather complementary (Castells). Q2. Globalization refers to the transfer of information and culture from the developed countries to the undeveloped and vice versa resulting to the homogenization of the consumerist culture. Today, the mass media plays a paramount role in the enhancement of globalization, facilitating exchange of culture and flows of information between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MID TERM Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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