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Personal communication in public spheres - Essay Example

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Social networking has being so influential all over the world especially the young generation who constitutes a larger population.However there has being concerns on how many countries have access to information and communication technologies in the world…
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Personal communication in public spheres
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Download file to see previous pages A research done in Senegal has shown that a small number of Senegalese people have access to communication technology and how this has impacted in having difficulties in having social interaction with other states and also access to information within the country, media is the only source of acquiring new models and behavior. Facebook users has being mentioned and credited as the most used social networking site all over the world. Other social networking sites include Skype, twitter, LinkedIn, meetin, wayn, netlog, MySpace among others (Sagna, 2000). Communication has evolved since the use the early stages; people have embraced the internet especially the social media as a way of communication. The most common social network sites (SNS), include Facebook, twitter and Skype. Through these sites it is true that online social activities have increased in recent decades. Facebook is the most used social network site followed by twitter. Skype is the third most used social networking site; the site is unique with its video calling services (Sahoo & Das, 2009). Facebook Facebook as a social networking network has being viewed as the mostly used web with ability to enable users use it to share ideas ,create motions of discussion and this has increased educational interactions between students and teachers as motions create that friendly and freedom of arguing ones ideas . Facebook has created openness as meeting of strangers and maintaining professional conducts (Munoz & Towner, 2009). Facebook as an avenue which enhances communication, it is the leading site in connecting people from places in the world and serves millions of people all over the world. Facebook has positive impact in the whole process of social networking, which includes messaging, mobilization of groups, spreading information and finding more friends and learning from different cultures. It has also lead to negative impacts in the general society like arching personal information which may affect one both physically and psychological (Maginecz, n.d). Advantages of Facebook as a tool of communication in public spheres Facebook in many occasions has been used to enable people connect each other and address issues affecting them in the day to day lives and has been used by many in different fields. Facebook carries with it the feature of using snaps for recognition and this has lead to reuniting of friends who are not within your proximity , regrouping is also a common feature where you can create group that have common ideology to discuss issues and events which are concerning the society. The group then grows to a desired size. The common idea and grievances are then addressed to give a different options and solution to the problem. The Arab spring revolution that took part in the Northern African state was made possible though Facebook, in which groups on Facebook where created and followed, they were used to mobilize the youth to join against the many years of discrimination by their leaders. The international community also joint in and was made possible by Facebook. Facebook has acquired an international reputation on matters dealing with mobilizing groups with the shortest way possible (Lindsay, 2011). Facebook also plays a major role in the political scenes. It is used as a campaign tool by politicians in selling out their policies. Being the most used social network it’s then seen to many as the major campaign tool and the fastest and the easiest way to reach a wider youthful population. Major politicians in the world have used Facebook as their campaign mechanism; this has proven to be a success. For instance the Obama campaign was more of the Facebook to reach out to the American youth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Communication in Public Spheres Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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