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Experience and practical knowledge are the most important than anything in this life that is why most people aim to try as many new things and directions as possible in order to choose what is there for them. It is not surprising that sometimes I as anybody else in the search…
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Personal Statement - Media and Communication, &lt;UCAS Extra from Psychology to Media and Communication degree
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Personal ment Experience and practical knowledge are the most important than anything in this life that is why most people aim to try as many new things and directions as possible in order to choose what is there for them. It is not surprising that sometimes I as anybody else in the search face the fact that my understanding of the subject is different from actual essence of things and phenomena, and in such situation I prefer to tell myself truth and move further. That what happened to my initial choice of Psychology as a studying course. At the moment I am a participant of International Foundation Programme at University of Bristol, Art and Humanities Pathway, Selected English Literature, Communication studies as 2 of the options unit. However, my activity concerning public relations of the Chinese Society at the University of Bristol has lead me to new insights about my occupation.
It was extremely interesting and useful for me to learn the inside of people`s cognitive functions in order to analyze their problems but soon I realized that I will not be able to dedicate my life to this chosen occupation and it is better to apply my knowledge to something more suitable for me like Media and Communication. Because what I am deeply interested in is human relationship and new media products.
My whole previous experience shows that I have become and adept in this sphere long before I made this choice. Working as a radio host on Only One Radio (Hong Kong) and having my program about wrestling was a valuable experience. It was particularly interesting for me to learn how music and lightning can affect the audience and stimulate their reactions. My observation of the behaviour of the crowd became really useful for me afterwards as I learned how to influence people with subtle ways.
Working as an artist manager at WOW Entertainment (Hong Kong) was a real revelation on my professional path. Being able to find common language with anyone I helped in audition when the company started. The thing which I learned there is that everyone has its own talent and sometimes all you need to do is switch it on. Also took part in filming one of the TV series which have not enough money to buy all equipment which used “wheelchair” instead of “camera rail slider” so I am probably ready to any challenges in media.
Seeking new sensations and broadening my perception of reality is what I am looking for that is why Media looks like the perfect sphere for me. Only this sphere creates and implements in life the craziest ideas and offers viewers something they wanted so much but were unaware of themselves. So for me Media is all about predicting trends or even creating them intuitively. For some period of time I was also working as a freelance photographer. I was charging customers for secret filming them with their spouse because I believe the most romantic moment is where photos are taken without noticing, because they kiss and hug naturally. So that is my point- giving people something they need but cannot understand until you offer it. It is all about astrology, and I was working as an astrologer and a Tarot reader at I love to examine the fate and fortune of human and the power of the mind. Since I worked as an astrologer, all proceeds go to charity! ). So I would like to become a film director, and mix the eastern and western style because I believe that films are the mind of the director’s view of the world.
So now I would like to follow my dream instead of a stable income payment as clinical psychologist as I felt that I have accumulated enough skills and creativity to bring something extraordinary and revolutionary to the world of media because I don`t have fears. Read More
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