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This essay demonstrates that architecture plays a great role in capturing a communities’ history and culture. Architectural works such as the Roman Coliseum, Taj Mahal, Empire state building and etcetera all capture the communities’ history during the time they were constructed…
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I hereby wish to apply for admission to your prestigious in the department of architecture. I have always had a keen interest in this discipline of art, due to the great role it plays in the community in every generation, as enumerated here below.
The CCA community values greatly inspired me to join the institution as it appreciates the role of architects and the areas they have an impact on such as the economy and environment. The institution endeavors to ensure that the intellectual curiosity of students is harnessed and students learn innovative designs that they will use in the community and to progress their careers. The diverse nature of students in the CCA community also attracted me to the institution as I will get a chance to interact with students from diverse backgrounds.
Architecture plays a great role in capturing a communities’ history and culture in a given era or historical period. Architectural works such as the Roman coliseum, Taj Mahal, Empire state building and etcetera all capture the communities’ history during the time they were constructed. Cultural heritage of a community thus is well captured in many areas by its architectural designs. Well-versed architects are very important in this regard if culture is to be preserved and thus my keen interest in this field.
Architects are also the builders of the environment or habitation in which the populace lives at a given time. When we have well trained architects, like that done in your institution, the contribution to the community is immense. They are able to plan cities and amenities with the consideration of the future in perspective. Haphazard planning and construction of cities results in problems in the future in the areas of poor drainage, sewerage and road networks. Architects help to enhance and improve a communities’ way of life, since new methods and building materials are being discovered in every generation and they are the implementers of the same.
With Society wishing to move on towards civilization and modernity in all spheres of life architecture plays a major role in enhancing this. Man has migrated from living in caves to the ultra modern habitations that are springing up all over the world. I feel I would contribute immensely to the community as your college equips me with the necessary knowledge and skills in this field.
Architects also play a key role in designing buildings that enhance the fitness of employees in work places. Well-constructed and designed buildings, where comfort, aeration and color are all put into consideration, greatly enhance output and fitness. Many architects are also putting into the aspect of health into consideration by building appealing stairs, which encourage using them instead of the stairs, thus promoting healthy leaving. This is greatly reducing obesity and sickness in the society, and bringing down spiraling health costs. Many employers are even engaging architects who design buildings that enhance movement throughout the working period, in their quest to have a healthy working staff. Beautiful terraces, paths and fountains are important to encourage movement, socializing, and the absorption of fresh air. This is beneficial because an active and healthy working staff is more productive as proven by science. I would greatly wish to be instrumental in this endeavor to build a healthy working populace in my community.
As observed from above, architectural designs greatly affect our culture, environment, health, safety, and life in the neighborhoods and the areas in which we live. I would greatly desire to take part in the improvement of my community now and in the future. I will be greatly indebted to you if considered for this discipline in your forthcoming intake. Read More
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