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Design and Access - Personal Statement Example

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This paper highlights that sustainability has been defined by environmentalists as the practice of efficient and careful stewardship of resources towards meeting the needs of the society by individuals, and businesses. Generating energy for sustainability should be given equal significance…
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Design and Access
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Download file to see previous pages This concept is essentially based on the larger sustainability plan since Sharpness is earmarked in the Stroud Local Plan 2005 as having considerable growth potential. Since the growth is expected to add pressure on the existing resources and also increase the carbon footprint. This vision is designed to reduce environmental degradation by making better use of waste and sustainably generating electricity by reducing the carbon footprints in the process to supplement the main grid and other sources. The proposed development will also allow citizens to learn the process of anaerobic digestion that will be used to recycle the food to produce both fertilizer and biogas.
This design and access portfolio supports the planning application proposed for the anaerobic digester and aligns itself with the provisions of part five of the Sharpness Docks Estate Strategy (2013), which elucidate the planning statement. Therefore, the portfolio will focus on the development of the development of the scheme as a justifiable concept. This support is in recognition that food and garden waste are an unavoidable aspect of modern life and the anaerobic digester offers the best environmental option to create renewable energy. Environmentalists define sustainability as the practice of efficient and careful stewardship of resources towards meeting the needs of the society by individuals, communities and businesses (Zhexembayeva 2014, p. 69). This project also further recognizes food and garden waste key issues that need to be included in any development plan because presently, the UK alone generates15 a million tones every year (DEFRA 2012, p. 8). The anaerobic digester proposed in this portfolio is in the category that collects food waste from commercial collections as well as waste collected from household via a contract with the local authorities.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Design and Access Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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