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Masters in Public Administration - Personal Statement Example

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I am NAME, holder of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and presently working as a private investigator. I wish to join your MPA program because I…
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Masters in Public Administration
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Download file to see previous pages It was, and still is, a source of great joy to inspire these youths to give back to the community by working in homeless shelters and assist in goodwill. Aside from my work with the youth, I also served with the United States Military in different bases, including Fort Irwin, Fort Riley, and 29 Palms, for two years, prior to getting deployed to Afghanistan at the beginning of 2009. My experience in the war zone was such a life changing experience that when I came back, my immediate impulse was to return to school with a strong sense of determination to get my life back on track. Full of resolve, I transferred in a year in spring and graduated the following year after spring semester. I took a lot of units and still managed to get good grades and showed great improvement after my transfer.
I have some background in the public service, including volunteer work in non-profit agencies. My work for a non-profit organization was in the juvenile hall of the City of San Rafael. I was a case manager for the youth court, and I participated in the rehabilitation of first-time misdemeanor offenders. My work with youth offenders has made me realize that there is much I could do that could make a difference in their future, although many of them are unaware of this. I felt that these young people may grow into adult offenders if people like myself did not intervene at this particular time to point them down a different path. Aside from my work with the youth, I also did community service for the Tri City Homeless Shelter, and on a separate occasion I also performed community service for Goodwill.
Among the different areas of public administration, I am particularly interested in Public Management and I hope to concentrate in this field. I became interested in the administration of government and non-profit institutions because I had seen both positive and negative aspects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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