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Name: Instructor's name: Course: Date: Media and social control The role of media in the society has changed significantly which is evident in the development of social controls. The development of celebrities is a product of social control. Social controls shape the behavior of individuals in the society, which in turn shape their view of issues including success…
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Do the media create idols for society Are we persuaded by these creations
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Media and social control The role of media in the society has changed significantly which is evident in the development of social controls. The development of celebrities is a product of social control. Social controls shape the behavior of individuals in the society, which in turn shape their view of issues including success. Norms, attitude and behaviors, are shaped by the work of tradition, culture and the way of life (Palm). The understanding of individual success can be shaped by the concept or approach developed by the society. The individual approach of life is not determined by personal choices, but society and the environment. For instance, in a setting where marriage is deemed successful only when one sticks to a single partner in life, a person brought up in such a setup will value marriage even if taken into a liberal society that has a different culture. Social imagination is the understanding of the social outcomes as a product of the social context and social actions. Social imagination is the ability to perceive issues and things in a social context. According to Mills the power of social imagination is based on the ability to connect personal troubles to social issues. The power of social imagination cannot be envisioned, except when a person is able to evaluate alternative view of that presented by the society, thus; evaluating the social conditioning placed by the society on the person. The society plays a significant role in developing an understanding of social and individual issues of poverty, fame and wealth. Social imagination has led to the creation of the celebrity and idols that are given the title because of several achievements based on the nature of the achievement. However, the creation of idols in the society has led to loss of personal focus. Many youths have changed their lifestyle to be able to look like someone else. The impact of media celebrity is visible in the change in dressing and the mode of speaking (Palm). The youth tend to emulate the behavior of the idols. Change in the terms used in communication is evident. The creation of terms such as "bootylicious" show the impact of celebrities by changing the communication and terms used in socialization. However, a close scrutiny of the celebrities indicates the nature of human flaws and behavior. The most adored celebrities are not angels as painted by the media. It is evident that the media hype has confused the society by changing their values. The unfaithfulness in celebrity marriages is a moral issue that is being taken lightly (Palm). In fact, the soap opera presented in the media advocate for infidelity by making it appear as a normal occurrence. The number of divorces in celebrity marriages indicates the power of media in wrenching marriages. The coverage of every activity of the idol and presenting some in a negative perception creates a serious problem. The power of idolizing individuals in the society depends on the media coverage. The media coverage of the issues affecting the society may influence the society negatively or positively (Palm). The creation of idols in the society has been of detrimental effects on personality development. The younger generation is forced to shape their destiny by comparing it with the idols in the society. The challenge has led to frustration and even death for the depressed. The desire to accrue wealth and be like some of the wealthiest celebrities has led to engaging in criminal activities. In addition, some of the celebrities have been affected by their lifestyle with some committing suicide because of unbalanced reasoning. For instance, some of the wrestling celebrities have committed suicide. The failure to address trivial issues in life can be catastrophic if the trend of committing suicide is encouraged within the society. To solve the problem, the issue of celebrity and their success should not be given many headlines in media to reduce the level of aspiration. However, the media is not ready to change in their coverage as witnessed in the coverage of the wedding of the royal family. The hype associated with the Kate Middleton wedding. The comments of the media and the people interviewed indicate the desire for celebrity. The challenge is evident with issues presented by the media (Palm). In conclusion, the creation of celebrity by the media has affected the perception of the society. Youth are busy looking at ways of accumulating wealth rather than upholding moral values. The engagement in programs such as America’s next model indicates the desire for celebrity. The role of media in teaching the society has been changed through the creation of the celebrities and idols. The use of idols and celebrities has affected the marketing sector. Currently, the advertising industry is ruled by celebrities. They have crossed almost all the fields which is a danger sign for the society because it does not encourage participation of other members. Works Cited Palm, Justin T. "America’s Idols Why the Obsession With the Rich and Famous?" 25 May 2012. The Real Truth. 11 April 2013 . Read More
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