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Research Paper and Proposal on Advertising - Essay Example

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In How to watch Television, Thompson Ethan and Mittell Jason argue that television shows can lead to formation of communities and cultures within a society…
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Research Paper and Proposal on Advertising
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Download file to see previous pages , Tv programs are made to encourage viewers’participation (Henry 343).4Reality shows in particular require viewers to call and send text messages in order to influence the verdict of the judges(Henry 343).5 A show such as the American Idol in 2003 would attract more than 20 million calls or text messages per episode during its final weeks(Henry 343).6Marketers use the calling data to place their commercials during the most popular TV shows in order to reach out to their potential market(Henry 344).7According to Jhally, most of the advertisements broadcasted on TV are grossly misleading(217).8Although some programs purpot to unscripted, this is not always the case (Jhally 217).9The growing form of interactive viewership has allowed the advertisers to direct consumers towards certain consumption habits(Jhally 217).10Interactive viewership has also led to the formation of some cultures and social groups that shape the strategies and decisions of the corporates(Jhally 217).11
The popularity of the American reality TV shows lies on the fact they are short termed and carry a lot of drama and excitement(Henry 344).12 The fact that the characters that are staged on reality TV are real makes many people to be excited about them(Henry 350).13The stardom that is generally associated with reality shows creates a lot of appeal among the viewers(Henry 351).14 The reality TV shows and the incorporated advertisements have significant impacts on our cultures and social behavior. Many viewers, especially children, tend to have their hero from the reality TVs with whom they like to be associated with. In most cases, reality TV show participants are coached and therefore, do not portray the true selves as they make us believe (Henry 355; Rideout, Ulla, Donald1).1516
According to Victoria, Foehr, and Roberts, an average American child spends more than four hours watching television every day (2).17 Although there are a lot of researches on the impacts of watching television ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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