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On Exploring Advertising's Impact on Our Society - Research Paper Example

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Topic:  Research paper on exploring advertising's impact on our society Introduction Advertisement is all round! With the advent of sophisticated mass media and technology the advertisement field has become leaders in marketing products. Nowadays, advertisement is channeled to people through every form of communication medium including television, internet, video games, radio, cell phone, movies, Mp3 players and DVDs…
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Research Paper on Exploring Advertisings Impact on Our Society
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover with the launch of face book and Twitter, the communication process has become more influencing than ever. The Advertising media’s influence on children has created a new social type in the society. Everywhere in the world, the largest audience of television is the children in young age group. “Children are a captive audience: The average American child watches an estimate between 25,000 to 40,000 television commercials per year. In the UK, it is about 10,000”.The Advertisers employ children who are popular in their advertisements in order to catch young people’s attention .The aim of advertisers is to develop a brand loyalty with the children as they can persuade the parents to buy their products .The brand loyalty once created with a child will remain throughout their lives. According to (O’reilly, pg.248)“ Corporations spend approximately $ 17 billion each year for marketing to children”. The main reason for advertiser’s to target children is because of the influence they have on their father and mother. The Current Phenomenon of Advertising The concept of advertising emerged as a process to influence the behavior and attitudes of a person in favor of the products of a company. Nowadays, we can find advertisement in every place we come in contact with. The main point of channelizing advertisements is newspapers, television channels, internet and radio. The main objective of advertising is to create desire and interest in targeted people. Today the advertising which appear on internet and television are much shorter but extremely attention seeking. As per (Janoschka ,pg.12)“ Today advertising must employ a variety of strategies in reactions to new conditions of communications, diversified markets and customers. Today the market is customer – oriented and advertisement is the sole method by which products enter the market. Now it is a normal practice to employ various gimmicks in advertisement to widen the customer market and beat competition. At present the media is overloaded with information and people are suffocated with product knowledge. The overload of information means there is excess of information to be interpreted and processed .The information released by the advertising media is so wide- ranging and comprehensive that it becomes difficult for people to retrieve it.Morever, the emergence of internet has made advertising so rampant that it is difficult to ignore or avoid it. Due to increase in market segmentation the variety of products launched and marketed is enormous. The advertising instruments used to market products also get diversified and the primary source of advertisement is newspaper, then radio, television and internet. The Primary Target of Advertising At present, the advertising media is not targeted towards adults but on children who are aged 12 and under. The advertisers have discovered a huge potential in children and formulate much of their advertising strategies keeping them in mind. This surge in children – oriented marketing developed a couple of decades ago and now turned into a massive industry. The main reason behind it is that the children molded as a potential customer would later be loyal to the product continuously. It is easy for an advertiser to establish brand ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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