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Problems in Advertising - Understanding Advertising Messages - Essay Example

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Date Understanding Advertising Messages There are continuous criticisms, recognition, and perception met while listening to radio, watching television, reading newspapers, magazines, billboards and all other forms of advertisement…
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Problems in Advertising - Understanding Advertising Messages
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Extract of sample "Problems in Advertising - Understanding Advertising Messages"

Download file to see previous pages There are numerous media used in advertisement such as print media and broadcast advertisements. I am intending to study two magazines and two television programs for a period of two months to verify their effects by going to the magazine publishers and the respective media that air the TV programs. Magazines, which are widely used by most firms due to their ability to access a specific target group with high quality presentations and the fact that they accommodate design options, prestige, influence, believability and long shelf life. (Shimp 367-369). I will consider the models used in different basis such as the number used, gender, facial expressions and their evocation. The setting of the scene, its implications to the moods or emotions and the relationship between the setting and the model is important to be analyzed. I will further consider the possible omissions by regarding not only what has been evidently shown and said but also what is omitted and the implication of leaving such issues. The issue of audience cannot be avoided since it is in fact the reason for advertisement. The strategies used in advertisement should be geared towards persuading the customers or support the product, service or a project. It is therefore important to consider the persuasiveness of the advert in the magazine. I will also confirm if the information being passed is ethical and honest as per the company’s claim. The overall effect of the advert on the customer’s feelings, emotions and the degree in which it attracts the customer is similarly an important issue to reflect on while considering the analysis. I will ask the consumers and the entire public on their take on the magazines advertisement by using questionnaires or verbally interviewing them (Shimp 367-369). Considering the TV advertisements, I will access the ability of the advert contents to appeal to the public. I will intend to check on what the advertiser has done to make the product attractive to the audience by regarding the color, music on the background used, and the models or people involved in the advert. I will scrutinize the targeted audience of the advert and the ability of the advert to reach the audience as anticipated by the company. I will reflect on the statements used and their credibility about the product VHS vs BetaMax The world of entertainment has since changed greatly since 1975 when Sony single handedly revolutionized the manner in which we watch TV, movies and even the approach used in scheduling our evening hours. However, it is unfortunate that the Betamax format cannot withstand the VHS format in the market simply because of advertisement and promotional techniques employed by VHS. BetaMax had very sharp bits, small cassettes that are very much portable, and the hi-fi sound tracks that do not interfere with high-speed duplication compared to the JVC, which did not have same technological advantage as BetaMax.  Several issues affect the technological associated industries such as video formatting which result to a firm’s loss of market share or even closure. Consumers usually concentrate on features that comprise user friendliness and the degree in which utilization knowledge fits into their needs. Businesses should be geared towards meeting the unmet needs of the customers in addition to the already met needs. High tech markets are regarded as vibrant and multifaceted, thus resulting into a varying target market ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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