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Compensation of advertising - Research Paper Example

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Today, the major attributes of media are reckoned as greater control over the activities conduct by the owners of media and the association persisting between media and politics. Traditionally, it can be found that media does not have specific effects on groups. It is an…
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Compensation of advertising
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, advertisement is also viewed to be an important practice, as it provides the information related to the course of marketing, process of communication and more importantly marketing strategy that deemed to be essential for ensuring long-term growth and profitability. Mass media can be defined as the expanded media, which incorporates varied technologies to reach into masses through the mass communication process. Mass communication can be described as the study representing how individuals depend on the information through media to obtain any vital information about various objects. Both mass media and mass communication are important to consider in transferring information with using similar type of media (Advertising Educational Foundation, 2015).
Mass communication helps an organization to transfer message to a group of people within a definite time. In relation to the above context, advertising can also be defined as the organized as well as collected mass communication information provided about the products or any other object through media. Advertising basically focuses on the group of public rather than considering an individual (Advertising Educational Foundation, 2015).
The compensation method involves different models of pricing that are generally used for conducting varied sorts of activities that entail contextual advertising and associate marketing among others. The compensation method of advertising is identified to be different in this modern context as compare to earlier years. In earlier context, the ad agencies played the role of brokers without having any sort of directors as well as copywriters. There lay distinct types of compensation methods of advertising that entail pay- per sale, pay-per lead, pay-per call, pay-per install, pay- per click, pay- per action and pay-per method among others (Belch & Belch, 2003). Therefore, the advertisers are paid based on the above discussed several modes of compensation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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