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Interpersonal Communication Skills - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay suggests that interpersonal communication skills have become essential for success in professional and social life, it won’t be wrong to say that interpersonal communication cannot be successful without the cultural awareness and intercultural competence…
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Interpersonal Communication Skills
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Download file to see previous pages Culture is the factor that gives human beings their identity. Human beings are considered unique among the animal kingdom on the planet due to their culture and hence, culture is the basic concept in sociology (Kornblum 2012, p.46). The existence of social organizations like family, group, corporations etc., depends on the culture they adhere to (Kornblum 2012, p.46). All the aspects of social organizations like thinking and communicating with each other depend on the culture and hence, society cannot exist without culture (Kornblum 2012, p.46). Culture is defined as “all the modes of thought, behavior and production that are handed down from one generation to next by means of communicative interactions-language, gestures, writing, building and all other communications among humans-rather by genetic transmission, or hereditary” (Kornblum 2012, p.46). This definition shows that everything that is made by man becomes a part of his culture (Kornblum 2012, p.46). As culture is ingrained in a person right from his birth, it gets deeply rooted in the heart and mind of a person. It is this aspect of culture that poses challenge for human beings when it comes to communicating with people from other culture. Interestingly, understanding other culture is not as easy as it seems, as even though culture is a social aspect of human being, it is also an inseparable personal part of identity. Culture is a complex set of beliefs and behaviors and hence is not a simple thing to understand (Kornblum 2012, p.46). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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