Is technology via social networks having a negative impact on future generations interpersonal communication skills and/or relationships - Essay Example

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Throughout last two centuries technology played an increasingly important role in the world’s society, particularly the development of the ways of communication. With the beginning of the new millennium we witnessed a sudden and unparalleled development of technology, and we…
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Is technology via social networks having a negative impact on future generations interpersonal communication skills and/or relationships
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Download file to see previous pages During the last few decades we got so used to communication via social networks that now these are literally indispensable to life, even in business, and are of great fun for young people. Most young people in the world, especially teenagers under 16 don’t remember a time when there was no social media. Today we already call them “digital natives”, “Facebook Generation” (Adam & Green, 2013). What is going to be the name for the next generations? Already now these children live in their virtual worlds, spending more and more time online, and their online is not only staying on the computer at home. Most teens have smart phones, iPhones and iPads, which help them stay on social networks throughout the day, continuously texting, tweeting, posting pictures (Adam & Green, 2013).
Since their childhood they know what are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and a lot of other popular social networks (Wajcman, 2008). Such excessive staying online has hardly positive impact on this and future generations, particularly their interpersonal communication skills, rather negative. Thus, more teens now are more comfortable doing stuff behind their computer screens or phones, than they are in person. Social networks made it easier for them to embrace stuff “safely” behind the screen, than like the preceding generations to do that in person, to be always ready for reality check.
Another thing that worries is that some teenagers heavily engaged in their social network life claim to be completely different than they are at home, with their family, in their study groups. When bringing up a teenager it is important to remember that there are negative effects on representatives of this age group because of social networks, especially their overstaying online (Wajcman, 2008). No matter how comfortable it is, social media is influencing their way of life, effecting the development of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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