Critically discuss the role played by online social networks. How do this/these media technology/ies affects people's daily life - Essay Example

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The role of online social networks in affecting the people's daily life e.g. social relations and social identity Table of Contents Introduction……………………………………………………3 Social Networking Sites and Social Relations…………………4 Social Networking Sites and Social Identity………………….10 List of References……………………………………………….15 Introduction The 21st century has given man numerous gifts…
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Critically discuss the role played by online social networks. How do this/these media technology/ies affects peoples daily life
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss the role played by online social networks. How do this/these media technology/ies affects people's daily life"

Download file to see previous pages Since then, social media networking has taken over our lives with an incredible pace. The notion of modern communication roots back to the invention of the telegraph and television, yet the extreme impact which this modern medium has on our lives is implausible and unmatched. The urge to stay connected with the friends, family and even unknown world is unquenchable and voracious. The list of the social networking sites goes on and on, with major sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Orkut,, etc. This raises many questions like why, what and how these sites are becoming a central part of our life and why we are becoming more and more involved in this craze of being updated and keep updating? Another important question is how social relations are being affected by these online networking sites. It is also significant to know that how our social identities are being formed by these new social mediums of communication. The communication mediums of the past have failed to provide such vast access to constant communication: we can connect globally with whoever we want. This has further truncated the concept of the global village to small machines with the help of internet. Now every mobile, lap top/computer and what not, comes with the facility of the internet to gain global access to information and communication. Most importantly, social networks have brought the people closer. In the past a person abroad was a person lost forever. Now we can talk to them, see them and be connected with them in many ways. Every generation and era communicates in its own style; this has evolved from smoke signals to letters to telegraphs to telephones to now a new medium ...internet. Yet somehow the strong desire to keep in touch has been always there and always drove people to find means to communicate in one way or another. It is extraordinary that we are socially ‘networked’ and human history is evident that we have equipped ourselves of many consecutive systems and mechanisms for facilitating and maintaining these networks. The social networking is somehow very important in every walk of life in current times. These have started to shape socio-economic culture across globe. One is always at amusement at the challenge of rapidly changing and urgent nature of social networking. Now people are able to maintain a socially active bond via sitting alone in front of a computer. These bonds may be rigorously familial, social, official, educational, economical or even emotional and romantic, etc. Social Networking Site and Social Relations: It goes without saying that social media has enabled the people to organize their social lives. People establish relations in the virtual world where they meet new people and make friends to organize real world relations. But many people believe that the social media has badly affected the social relations of the people and the quality of life has been at stake due to unnecessary reliance on the social media for real world relations. A survey conducted a social site Badoo states that about 39 percent of Americans spend more time online in socializing with the strangers online rather communicating people in person. A huge percentage is more interested in making friends online than offline which is destroying the social fabric of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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