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Managing Conflict in Interpersonal Communication - Essay Example

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Managing Conflict in Interpersonal Communication Date: Name: Institution: Showing Grace Grace refers to granting forgiveness or putting aside our own needs when there is no standard that compels us to do so. It entails putting aside our desires or helping others save face in an event of a wrong doing…
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Managing Conflict in Interpersonal Communication
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Download file to see previous pages This may not be common to all individuals because of the differences in our beliefs but truly speaking, granting pardon to an individual can really yield great results in enhancing positive communication. It is therefore a very important principle in management as it fosters positive communication. In order to show grace, there is a need to sometimes show willingness to demonstrate forgiveness and excuse the convicts’ actions. It is an act that comes out of an individual’s generous spirit and not out of provocation of rules and societal expectation. Grace isn’t demonstrated because we should but because of the will to grant it unconditionally. To fully understand the concept of grace let’s consider this scenario that two persons agree to share responsibilities and duties and on a particular day, when one of the persons is expected to perform his duties skips doing so because he realizes that he has a lot of work in office. His counterpart however decides to do all the chores even when it is not his duty to perform. From the above case study the person who decides to take up responsibility when he shouldn’t be doing so in actual sense demonstrates an act of grace. It is worth noting that nothing has compelled this person to do so. He only does so out of will and does not expect a kickback when his counterpart comes back. From the case cited above, grace is said to be appropriately granted. It will however be inappropriate if the worker intentionally and repeatedly misses to conduct his duties with the notion that he will be helped do so. It is also an act of grace when someone foregoes own preferences while giving in to someone else’ preference. Grace also entails letting go of resentment, guilt and judgment about a coworker, friend or companion. When this is done, we release ourselves and others from consequences of guilt and blame. In addition, it is important to note that grace entails totally forgetting the bad sides of a worker, counterpart or companion other than hanging onto hostile feelings of the past that negatively impact on positive communication and management in general. Basically, grace should always comprise of an act of kindness, deferring needs or forgiving a wrong without an expectation of a payback. It is worth noting that showing grace is sometimes appropriate and sometimes inappropriate depending on the situation or problem in question. This is because there is a tendency that if it is always shown it can be easily misused by people who take advantage of kindness. For instance, someone might frequently abuse and upset others with a mind that pardon would be granted. This is out rightly wrong and therefore not appropriate to continue showing grace to the same person. When grace is granted and then exploited, a repeat of the same becomes inappropriate. However, in the event that grace is granted in good trust and another takes advantage, we should not take responsibility ourselves. Being kind and always willing to pardon are worthy moral principles and therefore those who abuse grace are to take the blame. Ethical principles of self- assertion and self interest are not sufficient in interpersonal relationship and though it is seen as having the ability to create rich interpersonal relationship, grace is equally important. This is because we are all not perfect in what we do, more often we make mistakes, hurt others by what we say, or fail in performance of responsibilities and occasionally do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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