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Interpersonal Conflict in Film - Research Paper Example

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Interpersonal Conflict in Film Deborah Clasky has the character of being too imposing that John, her husband, Bernice, her daughter, Evelyn, her mother, and Flor their house helper could hardly resist. At some point in the movie film, somewhere almost at the last part of it, there is a depiction of interpersonal conflict between Deborah and John (Brooks, 2004)…
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Interpersonal Conflict in Film
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Download file to see previous pages The movie film ended without showing how such conflict is handled, and in fact, there is no proof of it at all. The work at hand tries to discuss why the conflict was not handled effectively and what could have been done differently. Interpersonal conflict happens when individuals fail to agree or share on the same views, which is an upshot of having varied interests or goals (Rahim, 2011). This is exactly what happened to Deborah and John. At some point, these two characters have varying point of views in life, even wants, desires and goals, that each of them failed to manage to understand. The movie film shows a little portion for effective communication between Deborah and John especially during the confrontation. Deborah talks so much of words that her husband, John, could hardly catch up. There was a depiction of poor communication process in this case, making the entire conversation between Deborah and John so monotonous that the latter failed to emphasize his points to allow the former to know his stand. In other words, one clear reason why the depicted interpersonal conflict was not handled effectively is due to the lack of focus to emphasize a good point of view for better communication, which has to be a two-way process between the receiver and the speaker. The movie film did not quite deal much of this point, leaving the entire situation between John and Deborah hanging until the end. On the other hand, the movie film handles too many interpersonal conflicts in it, as it depicts varying walks of life. One reason why there was poor handling of the interpersonal conflict between John and Deborah is the point that there are also other conflicts that need to be addressed or resolved apart from theirs. Their interpersonal conflict is common to take place among couples, but the entire movie has its point of view not only on their family, but the entire perspective of the movie film comes from Cristina, who herself have specific struggles to handle with her mother, a single Hispanic parent, Flor. This is the reason why it has become a great priority in the movie film to end it up with a meaningful resolution on the part of Cristina’s family, leaving it hanging to resolve the conflict between John and Deborah. This is a specific reason why at some point it was not that effective how the movie film handles the interpersonal conflict between John and Deborah. On the other hand, the movie film reveals that it is re-enacted based on Cristina’s essay application for scholarship in a prestigious academic institution. This makes the entire story to have a strong bias on her point of view, resulting to effective resolution on the case of her own family, and leaving the entire situation hanging for Clasky’s couple. The interpersonal conflict between John and Deborah could have been handled effectively if somewhere in the essay application of Cristina, there should have been significant information concerning the progress of Clasky’s couple. This may be made possible if Cristina would only have concluded the essay with a specific insight of the characters of the couple and how things might go smoothly if people are able to adjust to everyone’s personalities, attitudes, culture, and value no matter how diverse the group that someone might go through. On the other hand, the movie film fails to address the general issue of human emotion, as an effective element to ensure effective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interpersonal Conflict in Film Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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