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American Teen Conflict Analysis Paper - Movie Review Example

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Insert Name Tutor Course Date Introduction It is a fact that the media plays a significant role in shaping the mentality and mannerisms of teenagers the world over. Since American teenagers are not an exception, it is undisputable that interpersonal communication among American teens is a manifestation of the American film industry…
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American Teen Conflict Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This is to mean that the nature, extent and frequency of the American teen conflict are factors that have strong underpinnings in films as forms of literary works, as shall be seen in the discussion that ensues forthwith. 1) Self-esteem, social comparisons, and self-expectations In the movie American Teenagers, it is given that self-esteem, social comparisons and self-expectations combine to form a complex whole of teenagers’ interpersonal skills. The manner in which self-esteem and social comparison are portrayed is seen in the apportioning of the roles the main characters play. There is Colin Clemens, a basketball jock, Megan Krizmanich, the popular, liberal and academically talented girl, Jake Tusing, the self-acclaimed nerd and Hannah Bailey, the rebel artist, writer, musician and aspiring filmmaker. It is important to note that the traits of these four main characters in American Teenagers are the very values that American teenagers identify with. For instance, because most American teenagers are liberal, neither does conservatism rarely fit in among them, nor do those who identify with conservative ideals. It is for this same reason that Hannah Bailey, the rebel, has liberal views that are considered unfit for Warsaw, a small town which is very conservative. This creates conflict between American teenagers and the society at large. ...
Mitch and Hannah for instance become friends and develop a relationship, following the verbal communication they have together. This verbal communication is also enabled by listening and disclosure. Just like other forms of communication, even teenage relationships are highly dependent upon verbal communication which comprises listening and disclosure. Immediately this chain of listening and disclosure is broken, conflicts arise. Mitch and Bailey forfeit their friendship after Mitch ends their relationship through a text message, for instance. 3) Nonverbal communication, power and attraction Nonverbal communication is also presented in the movie, as part of teenage conflict, but not as a causative agent for the conflict. Instead, nonverbal communication is treated in the movie as part of detachment, given that it flocks like-minds together and the unlike-minded apart. It is for this reason that though being a geek (a quality that sells an individual to the outside world) and having love for marching band (an outdoor activity), Tusing remains an introvert who resorts to video games. This development brings a twist to Tusing’s life, by opening up another line of conflict. Tusing longs for a girlfriend but his introverted mien keeps him from getting one. Friedberg, Garcia and McClure help understand that the case above is underpinned and compounded by the fact that in teenagers’ psychology, power and attraction are predicated upon being outgoing and good-looking. It is for this reason that Mitch Reinholt is popular at school. He is handsome, laid back and loves sport. The fact that Reinholt gets wider coverage immediately he begins to date Hannah, is a matter that demonstrates the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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