Satire and Irony in Valdezs Los Vendidos: Fighting for the Civil Rights of Mexican Americans - Research Paper Example

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The paper explores the meaning and implications of Los Vendidos to Chicanos in specific and American society in general through illustrating the themes of Chicano identity and struggles in the context of racial discrimination and civil rights movement…
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Satire and Irony in Valdezs Los Vendidos: Fighting for the Civil Rights of Mexican Americans
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Extract of sample "Satire and Irony in Valdezs Los Vendidos: Fighting for the Civil Rights of Mexican Americans"

Download file to see previous pages Center of discussion in this paper is Los Vendidos as a political satire on the role of Chicanos or Mexican Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. The play is one of the several actos or acts that Valdez uses to evoke the social awareness of what he calls la plebe or La Raza or the Chicano people (Brennan et al. 3). Valdez has written in the genre of political satires because 1960s was the climax of the Civil Rights Movement. These comic acts serve to challenge the system that produces and reinforces poverty among Chicanos, whether the poverty is economic and cultural/social (Patell 365). Los Vendidos reproduces the lessons of the 1965 Delano Grape Strike. Barbara J. Davis, the author of The National Grape Boycott: A Victory for Farmworkers, describes the causes and actions of the national grape boycott, which included the Delano Grape Strike. The Grape strikes and boycotts were conducted by Filipino and Chicano farm worker because they were being paid less than guest workers from Mexico (Davis 57). These farm workers demanded equal wages, particularly the right to the federal minimum wage. Los Vendidos is produced after these strikes and boycotts, where Valdez seeks to sustain awareness on this issue, so that Chicanos will continuously fight for positive social changes. Another source explores the connection between Valdez’s play and the civil rights movement. Brennan and colleagues wrote a biography on Luiz Valdez. They stress that Valdez’s plays talk about his people, the pueblo or La Raza. Valdez argues that the actos “must be popular, subject to no other critics except the pueblo itself, but it must also educate the pueblo toward an appreciation of social change, on and off the stage” (qtd. in Brennan et al. 3). He implies that Los Vendidos attacks the socio-economic and political system that produces the social issues of the Chicanos. When the secretary complains about the strike-rallying Mexican American, Sancho reminds her that he is a product of American society. He indicates that Chicano struggles are the effects of American society’s inequalities. However, the play underlines that Chicanos must also be aware of their plight and fight for better conditions through lobbying for equal civil rights in the workplace and society, which occurred through the nationwide farm worker strikes during the 1960s. Their fight contributed to the Civil Rights Movement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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