Few topics. African American Identities, African Immigration and Diaspora, Africans becoming Americanized and losing culture - Research Paper Example

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This is explained by increased mobility across the globe with many Africa groups having gained access to the America through the first wave…
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Few topics. African American Identities, African Immigration and Diaspora, Africans becoming Americanized and losing culture
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, the paper will talk about how African Americans today do not really accept their African side and want to be ‘Americanized’. It is also noted that in many instances, African American look down upon or dislike pure Africans and this is equally to be analyzed. Besides, the migration into America in search of employment or settlement in Diaspora is of concern to this paper.
The 1807 abolition of slave trafficking into the US marked a great step in defining the future of the Africans who would often find their way to America as slaves. The abolition also allowed the slaves then to settle there and this marks the main origin of African Americans although scores of other Africans have latter settled in the US intentionally, or as the law allows either in search of employment opportunities, education, as refugees or seeking asylum or for such other reasons as. There is however a disparity that is pointed out between the native African Americans especially who are citizens by birth and the immigrants.
History depicts a ‘bad’ past for the African Americans who faced among other things prejudice from the whites based on the skin color. In fact, despite having rightfully settled and acquired the American citizenship, history shows how the racial discrimination has been a feature in the country. The discrimination and or treatment accorded to the African Americans by the white would be based on identity. However, great changes have been witnessed with great persons of African origin rising to heights of influence in the nation with the most current being the president. This shows a great evolution with the African Americans now actively participating merely in all aspects of life and politics being the most influential. The African-American identity has slowly gained acceptance among the whites in the country hence explaining even the policy frameworks that allow even new immigrants of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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