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Intergenerational Conflicts Among Asian Immigrant Families - Term Paper Example

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Intergenerational Conflict among Asian Immigrant Families Your Complete Name University Name Intergenerational Conflict among Asian Immigrant Families Asian Americans constitute 3.6 percent of the total population in the United States and the number is expected to rose to 6 percent by the year 2020(U.S…
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Intergenerational Conflicts Among Asian Immigrant Families
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Download file to see previous pages The conflict appears when American-born children challenge the values and traditions Asian immigrant parents (Segal cited in Desai, 2006, p.1). American culture’s individualism and independency pose an open threat to Asian culture’s interdependency, strong family ties, and respect for age and authority. Immigrant parents struggle with the choosing between the values of their native culture and host culture. Second-generation Americans become exposed to both culture, therefore, they adopt values and influences from both cultures. It is estimated that American-born Asian Americans will outnumber foreign-born Asian Americans by the year 2020.Despite the growth in Asian American’s population, in particular Asian youth, examination of their problems is not well-represented in mental health literature (Gibbs and Huang cited in Desai, 2006, p.2).For prevention and effective mediation, it is critical to explore the occurrence of intergenerational conflict among Asian immigrant parents and their children for identification and treatment of problem behavior. Through five different research studies, this paper tries to explore whether intergenerational conflict leads to further behavioral and acculturation problems among immigrant youth and finds it positive. Some experts suggest that intergenerational conflict during adolescence is normative, however, among immigrant minority families, such issues often get complicated by cultural differences and behaviors between children and parents. Desai (2006) found it important to study intergenerational conflict among immigrant families because it indicates a positive association between family conflict and poor psychological health of young adults and adolescents. Investigating conflict among Asian American immigrants is crucial for understanding unique challenges they face, moreover, it influences their overall adjustment and acculturation. These studies are also important in order to develop effective therapeutic strategies that are culturally sensitive and appropriate. In addition to find out characteristics of the conflict, it is also important to identify the factors that increase the negative effects of conflicts. Conflict literature is mostly based on the Caucasian sample, in comparison; very little research examines role of cultural factors in intergenerational conflict. Therefore, an investigation of cultural factors and impact levels of conflicts and acculturation among Asian American is warranted. Overall goal of Desai’s research (2006) is to get better understanding of ethnic group differences in levels of intergenerational conflict, identify cultural predictors of conflict, in addition to how cultural factors influence the effects of conflicts. In this research study, Desai (2006) determined whether the levels of intergenerational conflicts are different in Asian Americans and Caucasian samples by examining patterned differences among these groups. Moreover, he examined the way different variables regulate the relationship between intergenerational conflict and internalizing outcomes. Desai(2006) proposed sixteen hypothesis covering the relationship of the level of conflict with ethnic group membership; generational level; gender differences; cultural variables; and moderating effects of cultural factors. A packet of several self-report questionnaires is answered by volunteers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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