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As indicated, conflict within relationships is inevitable, but approaches to handling conflict can be positive or negative. Likewise, it was noted that forgiveness is one way to…
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Describe how to manage conflict in interpersonal communication
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Managing Conflict in Interpersonal Communication The discussion response aims to describe how one managesconflict in interpersonal communication. As indicated, conflict within relationships is inevitable, but approaches to handling conflict can be positive or negative. Likewise, it was noted that forgiveness is one way to positively manage conflict. The response would hereby be written based on one’s reflection on the new ideas about managing conflict which have been learned this week, and to discuss them with one’s classmates by addressing the following questions, to wit:
1. What are the characteristics of forgiveness?
2. How is forgiveness a part of conflict?
3. Describe an example from your own experiences in forgiveness that was part of the conflict process.
Managing Conflict in Interpersonal Communication
1. What are the characteristics of forgiveness?
Prior to identifying the characteristics of forgiveness, one opts to determine an accurate definition of the term. As indicated by Flanigan (1992), “forgiveness is the method by which people in intimate relationships let each other ‘off the hook’ for various acts of ruthlessness and unkindness” (p.2) …it occurs in a transaction (p.5)…[it] is the method by which the wounded person can readmit an outcast [and] the wounded person reopens his heart to take in and reaccept his offender”. . . [and] when it is final, it imparts peace to the forgiver and restores a modicum of kindness to the human community as a whole” (p.11). As can be deduced, therefore, the characteristics of forgiveness include: “(1) no longer harbored resentment against their offenders, (2) felt neutral toward their offenders, (3) once again experienced some degree of trust in their offenders, or (4) reconciled with their offenders, or when they experienced some combination of these four end-states” (Flanigan, 1992, p. 153).
2. How is forgiveness a part of conflict?
Since forgiveness was considered a process or a method “through which an injured person first fights off, then embraces, then conquers a situation that has nearly destroyed him” (Flanigan, 1992, p. 71), it is clearly evident that it is a crucial part of conflict, where conflict instigates the journey towards liberation from pain.
3. Describe an example from your own experiences in forgiveness that was part of the conflict process.
One remembers from a personal experience that forgiveness was the positive end to a conflict situation. As emphasized by Flanigan, “the process of forgiving begins at its point of departure, naming the injury, and ends at its destination, the emergence of a new self. The stopping-off points in between are claiming the injury, blaming the injurer, balancing the scales, and choosing to forgive” (p.72). In one’s conflict scenario, the party involved in the conflict was a very close friend in school who was part of the small circle of steady friends who I share secrets with and spend most of the academic life with. The conflict occurred when that friend tricked me into revealing a secret and divulging the secret with others. The pain of being tricked, lied to and breaching confidentiality and privacy to others was just immense and initially thought of as unforgiveable. That could be identified as the points of departure and naming the injury.
The road to recovery begun with the other peer members approached both of us and sought ways and means to make us communicate. The friend who erred asked for forgiveness and regretted having hurt me. I realized and felt how sorry she was and I remembered the happy times we shared and the memorable moments we had – which surpassed the brief moment of pain that was inflicted. This phase thereby ended the injury as the emergence of a renewed self emerged.
The situation revealed that through open and interpersonal communication, conflict was resolved and forgiveness ultimately assisted in ending and forgetting the painful details.
Flanigan, B. (1992). Forgiving the unforgivable: overcoming the bitter legacy of intimate wounds. New York: Macmillan. Read More
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