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Logos in Adverstising - Essay Example

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It is evident from the study that the identity is created specifically through the media and ads that are a part of the fashion and which relate to the industry working toward moving into better situations and moments of success on an international basis…
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Logos in Adverstising
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Extract of sample "Logos in Adverstising"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the logo that is used with fashion is one of the most important concepts that are used, specifically because it relates not only to the corporate identity but also to fashion statements. The products and the logos which are connected to these become the link to style that is used. The product of fashion then becomes dependent on the brand logo and the relationship which this creates to different consumers. Understanding and evaluating this links creates a stronger understanding of how brand identity can be altered with the fashion statements that are available. The concept of advertising and brand identity has become more important and relevant with the growth of businesses into modern times. It has been found that advertising is not only able to establish a company and the identity which they hold. It also creates a sense of value that is added to the company and the way in which consumers perceive this. Creating a sense of added value leads to a conscious choice of one linking to the identity of the brand, specifically because the mind relates to the brand. The psychological relationship to the brand then continues to develop by creating a relationship to the consumer. If the brand identity is not strong, then the conscious choice of the consumer also focuses on how the product or service won’t be able to provide the best results. For the strong brand identity, is a relationship that the consumer creates that is developed from the belief that the brand is able to provide more value to one’s life, identity and the use of products that are associated with this. ...
As the international brands continue to grow are more distinctions that fashion industries are required to make that help with the recognition of the brand. The image, advertising and the global campaigns that are created need to move across boundaries and focus on creating an international culture that recognizes and relates to the fashion which is established. The use of specific campaigns is one which creates separation from the identity and the celebrities which are used. However, the brand that is used is able to move across boundaries, specifically because it is recognized as the latest fashion statement of the brand, as opposed to a specific culture. As the world and the international concepts become even more established are specific associations with creating a strong identity against competitors and which helps with the recognition of the global consumer (Moore, Fernie, Burt, 919). Relationships of Brand Identity The concept of building a strong brand with fashion for the market is one that is shown through a variety of examples. Brand identity that is used within the international market is one which is identified specifically by creating a relationship with consumers. This moves outside of cultural identity and into attitudes which describe the clothing and fashion and which create a different response within the market. For example, the Hilfiger brand is one which is known to carry specific attributes and styles. Most describe this as couture clothing through the advertisements and brand name which follows this. The styles that follow continue with the overall creation of couture clothing that is recognized with the brand name. By keeping this specific attitude, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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