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Visual Re-design of an Existing Logo for a Company or Product with a Series of Visual Ideas to Support a Communications Campaign - Essay Example

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Contents Introduction 2 Overview of the organization/product 2 Logo of Christian Dior 3 Visual understanding of logo 4 Re design of logo (Visual ideas) 5 Proposed Logo #1 6 Proposed Logo #2 6 Proposed Logo #3 7 Proposed Logo #4 8 Communication campaign 8 Target Market: 9 Differentiation 10 Brand Design 11 Conclusion 14 Recommendations 15 Bibliography and References 16 Introduction Logo is the symbolic representation of any organisation…
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Visual Re-design of an Existing Logo for a Company or Product with a Series of Visual Ideas to Support a Communications Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages Logo has an important role to play because it is used to represent the organization in different marketing material, in packaging, in corporate kit including business cards, letter heads, post cards etc (Verhoef, & Leeflang 2009) and therefore a unique and attractive logo would gather the attention of the most whereas a boring and a dull logo would not be able to get the attention of people (Kumar, 2009). Today as industries have become highly competitive, every organisation needs to differentiate itself from the other firms and logo has an important role in differentiating a company with others (Pavitt, 2002). A logo is able to make the company stand out in the crowd and therefore an attractive logo could help in increasing the sales of the product particularly when consumers are buying without thinking too much (Blythe, 2008). This report analyses one of today’s leading brands of the fashion industry in the world, Christian Dior. The report examines what the logo of the company visually reflects and communicates to the target market. Also the report comes up after redesigning the logo of the company and recommends what the logo of the company should be. ...
The company offers fashion clothing and other accessories and the main target market of the company are female particularly young females. As the company offers a lot to its target market, therefore the logo of the company should be such that it would be able to get the attention of people and reflect the target market about the offerings of the company. Logo of Christian Dior The logo of Christian Dior is just the name of the company written in Black and White. The logo of the company is has been shown in the following image: Also there is another variation in the logo of Christian Dior and the other variation is in inverted colours. The logo in inverted colours looks like the following image Visual understanding of logo It is important for the company to make sure that the logo of the company clearly reflects what the company offers to its client. A well prepared logo is able to get into the minds of the consumers and it is easily remembered by them. This is one of the reasons why many companies and entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention in designing the logo however companies that do not pay a lot of attention face consequences in the long run. The right combination of colours, image, style and overall look play an important role in the overall logo of the company and what it visually reflects to the audience (Zenker, & Martin, 2011). Therefore it is important to design the logo and to work on what the customers would perceive and understand from the logo of the company as the target market of the company would be able to recognise the brand from the logo. So, once the logo of the company is approved, the management needs to think over the logo and analyse from the perspective of a consumer what the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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