How are successful brands recognised by their visual appearance with IKEA and MUJI case study - Essay Example

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A brand is an aggregation of all the physical and emotional characteristics of a company, or a product and service, with which the customer encounters at all the points of contact. Roellig (2000) emphasizes on the importance of branding stating that it helps build a compelling…
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How are successful brands recognised by their visual appearance with IKEA and MUJI case study
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Download file to see previous pages Brand elements may include symbol, slogan, logo or anything that helps in identifying and distinguishing a specific product (Manocha, 2014). Successful brand elements include brand names as they communicate quality and evoke specific structures associated with the brand (Srinivasan & Till, 2002). The most important element in creating a global brand name is the brand name and the related wordmark or symbol. This represents the company or the product or service throughout the world.
Branding design includes company or product name, logo design, graphic design, packaging design, display design, advertising design, promotion, and the concept of culture (Schrube-Otts, 2000). Use of brand elements or a combination of elements helps to form a style that expresses the theme of the enterprise, which becomes the differentiating factor.
A brand should be able to help consumers to identify with it. A brand is not restricted to a logo, a symbol or a slogan; it depends upon the customer’s perception of the stimulus when the brand is presented. Brand names communicate details about the product quality, reputation, heritage, status and aesthetics (Baltas & Saridakis, 2010). Brand identity and distinct positioning are communicated across all nations through packaging graphics, which should, to a large extent be standardized. Brands are visually recognized by their signature colour schemes and unique graphic elements before they are recognized by their name (Roellig, 2001).
Brand consistency is usually related to the brand’s visual identity, which includes the logo and the style used in communication (Plomp, 2012). Consistent visual identity does help anchor brand association in consumers’ minds but building a powerful and compelling brand requires more than visual identity.
Visual recognition of a brand through its advertising or packaging is effective (Dawson & Dawson, 2009). Such distinction helps the audience to retain the memory of the brand ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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