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Brand personality - Literature review Example

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Brand Personality Table of Contents Introduction 3 Meaning of Branding 4 Aaker’s Theory of Brand Personality 6 Explanation 7 Criticism 8 Conclusion 9 References 10 Introduction Brand is a collection of image as well as perception which represents a product, corporation or service…
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Brand personality
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Download file to see previous pages Brands may be also said as business organization; at the same time, it helps in generating revenue, thus brands can be regarded as investment. In return, brands need to payback certain amount of revenue to their owner. Brand Personality is a collection of human features connected with a specific brand (Aaker & Biel, 1993). A brand can easily come across the notice of the customer if the advertisement is done with known celebrities or with the help of certain well known figures of historic moment. Brand personality is often questionable in terms of scale and at times is answerable in theoretical conception based on nature. Once brands are developed, they shelter the company under the umbrella with numerous numbers of products, which can provide it incredible strategic advantage and financial gains. In the present market scenario, a major role is played by brand. Over a long period of time, brands have significantly controlled the performances of the marketers and have influenced the promises and the benefits provided by the brand to their consumers for that particular product (Hanasali & et. al., 2005). The paper intends to discuss branding and Aaker's brand personality with its explanation along with its criticism. Meaning of Branding A brand is fundamental by nature or is represented by its offerings and what it delivers. Brand motivates its consumers by the offerings provided by a particular company. Brands establish themselves in the market over a period of time by the means of conveying a company’s message to their customers through consistent advertisements and by following suggestions provided by friends, colleagues, by family members along with ensuring communication between its representatives and its company members. The brands are often protected from others by securing service maker or trademark by a certified agency, generally by government agency (Herford & et. al., 2007). The public knowledge about the companies brand is often set as a factor of companies’ evaluations. At times, corporations undergo market research to become aware about the public brand recognition, at the same time to know about the behaviour of the customers towards the brand. When the companies are building a brand or working upon a brand, at times they take the help of search engine and WebPages having the outline of the work details before establishing the successful brand. Organising the fields name and the brand name is an extremely vital part of searching and keeping in touch with the clients and the visitors consequently branding the new company (Asperin, 2007). Brand name helps in the identification of the image and idea of that particular service or product, which in return results in the clients to be drawn towards the new brand in the market. Branding is a procedure of building companies’ asset, which helps to build goodwill in the market. If a company is able to establish a stellar reputation among the competitors then branding procedure can help in creating an image in the market. It motivates a company to meet its expectations by bringing in more innovative service or product and to surpass its expectations in the competitive market scenario. In today’s dynamic marketplace, brands have large marketing landscape, where the ground of spreading the message and introducing the product is largely performed through the use ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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