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The role of advertising and branding within the laptop industry and its effects on consumer purchase decision in Leeds United Ki - Dissertation Example

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The Role of Advertising and Branding Within the Laptop Industry and Its Effects on Consumer Purchase Decision in Leeds, United Kingdom Abstract Objective: The objective of the paper was to identify the role played by advertising in creating a strong impact on the aspect of brand loyalty by influencing brand preference and brand awareness that in turn signifies the consumer buying behaviour to a large extent…
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The role of advertising and branding within the laptop industry and its effects on consumer purchase decision in Leeds United Ki
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"The role of advertising and branding within the laptop industry and its effects on consumer purchase decision in Leeds United Ki"

Download file to see previous pages It is due to the reason that the concepts largely relates to the tastes and perceptions of the customer which are quite challenging to be quantified. Results and Findings: The results obtained from the data search reveal that advertising is quite significant as an influencing factor of brand loyalty in the laptop market in the UK. However, besides effective advertising there are also various other factors that tend to create a strong impact on the brand preferences and consumer buying behaviour that in turn signifies the brand loyalty of the customers. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Chapter 1: Introduction 6 1.1.Significance of Study 9 1.2.Research Objectives 10 1.3.Research Questions 10 1.5.Overview of Chapters 12 Chapter 2: Literature Review 14 2.1. Introduction 14 2.2. Consumer Behaviour 14 2.3. The Need for a Consumer Behaviour Model 16 2.4. Model of Consumer Behaviour 18 2.5. The Major Factors of Influence on Consumer Behaviour 19 2.6. Cultural Factors 20 2.7. Social Factors 20 2.8. Personal Factors 21 2.9. Psychological Factors 24 2.10. The Buying Decision Process 24 2.11. Buyer Decision Process 25 2.12. Importance of Branding 27 2.13. Brand Loyalty and its Effect on Consumer Behaviour 28 2.14 Advertising as a Major Component to Persuade Customers 30 2.15. Role of Advertising in Building Brand Loyalty 32 Chapter 3: Research Methodology 34 3.1 Introduction 34 3.2 Research Design 35 3.2.1 Historical Research 37 3.2.2 Quantitative and Qualitative Research 37 3.3 Validity and Reliability 39 3.3.1 Qualitative Study 42 3.3.2 Data Collection 43 3.3.3 Data Analysis 45 3.4 Primary Research 47 3.4.1 Questionnaires 47 3.4.2 Interview 48 3.5 Usage of Methodologies in the Research 48 Chapter 4: Findings and Analysis 50 4.1. Overview 50 4.2. Findings and Analysis of the Obtained Data 51 4.2.1. Advertising Strategies Adopted By Laptop Companies in the UK 51 4.2.2. Impact of Brand Awareness on the Consumer Buying Behaviour 53 4.2.3. Relationship between Advertising, Brand Awareness and Brand Image 54 4.2.4. Impact of Advertising on Sales of Laptops 57 4.2.5. Influence of Age, Employment and Gender on Brand Preferences and Consumer Buying Behaviour in the Laptop Market 61 4.2.6. Advantages of Advertising from Customers Point of View 62 4.3. Summary 64 Chapter 5: Discussion & Conclusion 65 5.1. Discussion 65 5.2. Conclusion 72 5.3 Recommendation for Further Improvement 74 Chapter 6: Learning Statement 77 References 80 Bibliography 90 Questionnaire 93 Chapter 1: Introduction The basic intention of marketing is to satisfy and fulfil the need of the organisational profitability and wants of the aimed consumers. Consumer is considered as God in marketing so (Skalen & Et. Al., 2008), the process of marketing and it’s planning revolves around the consumer. Marketing helps in identifying the prospective consumers, stacking up of brand in the competitive environment and most importantly the wants and intentions while making a buying decision. Long back, almost before 35 years, Peter Drucker had viewed that it is the mission of an organisation to “create customers” (Kotler, 2000). It had been particularly pointed out that it was possible for companies to raise their revenues by 25% to 85% by attaining a decline in defections of consumers just by 5% (Reichheld & Teal, 2001). Meanwhile, from the era of 1980, the most noteworthy and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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