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What do we see How visual contribute to the participation in the culture - Essay Example

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The text chosen is of printed nature and is a magazine advertisement. This advertisement is about Haagen – Dazs the world - renowned ice cream .The advertisement depicts visual objects of mint leaves, ice cream cup and a verbal catchy phrase…
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What do we see How visual contribute to the participation in the culture
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Extract of sample "What do we see How visual contribute to the participation in the culture"

Download file to see previous pages It is mostly seen that some advertisement do have striking visual images and mostly lack substance.(Mitchell ,12-24) “More advertisements contain visual elements, and many advertisements provide little product attribute information”. The advertisement is containing a very catchy phrase which makes the audience think deeply as well as ponders about the quality of the product. It attempts to create a spark in the minds of the viewer as to the subtle meaning hidden in the ad. The ad is very appealing with the bright green leaves of mint as fresh as a morning dew as the main focus point. The brand is trying to persuade the soul of a person and keep them attracted to the product which is portrayed natural and fresh. It is very important for an advertisement to capture the minds of viewers visually and verbally. Ad from the point of view of audience From the point of view of audience the ad is very spontaneously appealing as the concept is directed to the freshness and subtle beauty of the nature. There is a lot of serenity which comes along with this ad and this takes the audience to a world of health and freshness. The persuasive technique of the ad is very commendable as the main theme of the ad is nature. The graphic is soothing and simple and gives a wholesome and graceful look to the ad. Any ad to be effective needs to look upon the uses and gratification it gives away to the audience. As per (Blumler)“ Uses and gratification is the optimist’s view of the media. and the media can have an unconscience influence over our lives and how we view the world.  The idea that we simply use the media to satisfy a given need does not seem to fully recognize the power of the media in today’s society”. The gratification aspect of this ad is very over powering, natural and subtle. The viewer gets an immense touch of nature while viewing this ad and understands that the product is completely natural, wholesome and refreshing. The use of ad is to satisfy the appetite of the consumer in an eco –friendly way. For the same reason, the brand has used the theme of nature by portraying fresh mint leaves.Poeople always go for products which are organic and healthy and nothing can be more appealing than mint. Its bright green color with its refreshing nature grabs the attention of the readers. Visual culture and its impact on viewers of the ad Culture is the traditions, values and beliefs followed by a community or group of people when it comes to visual culture it is the images and sign we come across in every day life and the influence our culture place have on us. According to our culture or belief certain images in an advertisement can persuade us significantly to buy them. Advertisement for food products like ice cream needs to come with unique visual effects. While observing the ads for ice creams it can be seen that the flavor of the ice cream is always the conveyed to the viewer in an amazing way. As this ad is about ice cream which is mint flavored a mint twig is the main point of visual encounter here. There is also a phrase beneath the primary focus which is very poetic and heart feeling. Since the world is nowadays very health conscious and eco – friendly a depiction of natural object brings in lot of customer confidence and loyalty to product. Visuals penetrating the environment Visual effects play an important role in the advertisement field. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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