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Composing self - Research Paper Example

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As a government-sponsored initiative, the Peace Corps program has been influential in spreading American culture and promoting cultural tolerance and intercultural understanding between the United…
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Composing self
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Download file to see previous pages The Peace Corps is a volunteer program that facilitates cultural exchange and understanding and provides technical assistance and support to Americans and people from other countries. The Peace Corps is a ubiquitous aspect of American culture, having been founded 54 years ago by President John F. Kennedy, following the enactment of the Peace Corps Act (Pub.L. 87–293) (Brown, 2014). The group’s role revolves around social and economic progress, making it an intrinsic part American society. Since its establishment, the program, through its chapters in different cities and states, has played a vital role in bridging the socio-economic and cultural gap between the United States and other countries. It frequently collaborates with other government departments (e.g., healthcare and homeland security) to provide support when necessary (Rogers & Haggerty, 2013). For example, during the September 11th terrorist attacks, members of the New York group made a significant contribution to search and rescue, firefighting, counseling, public safety and policing, and public awareness efforts.
Currently, the group influences community mobilization, healthcare development and provision, and emergency relief efforts in the United States and other countries. In summary, the group has socially existed for decades; it is recognized by many Americans, non-Americans (Watkins, 2012). As socio-cultural and economic challenges become more prevalent in and outside the United States, the Peace Corps become more socially relevant. This is evident in the number of initiatives that its members are increasingly required to support (Rogers & Haggerty, 2013). In developing countries, the group has been instrumental in nurturing good relations between the United States and other nations and improving the lives of millions of people.
Members must be American citizens and, in most cases, college graduates with knowledge, skills, and experience in different disciplines. All ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Composing Self Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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