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Art as Part of Culture Poses as an Obstruction for Globalisation - Assignment Example

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This essay analyses art as part of culture poses as an obstruction for globalization. Culture is defined as the capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society including knowledge, belief, art, law. Art also plays a significant role in telling a nation’s history…
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Art as Part of Culture Poses as an Obstruction for Globalisation
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Extract of sample "Art as Part of Culture Poses as an Obstruction for Globalisation"

Download file to see previous pages The definitions of art and culture are seemingly contrasting to the definition of globalisation, which in turn is defined as the compression and stretching of geographical spaces resulting to a borderless economy characterized by technology, information exchanges, knowledge economy and capital flow thus breaking down the barriers between nations expanding trade opportunities, eliminating monopolies and protectionist policies. (Mullard 83)
Globalisation was generally perceived in a negative light more specifically on the economy of a nation. On the aspect of culture, adverse effects of globalization anticipated by nations are the corruption of a nation’s principles, loss of national identity and values as well as a threat to national security. These worries, however, are contested by explanations that the seemingly adverse effect of corrupting the nation’s principles would need the constant reminder of the importance of a nation’s heritage and culture as well as promoting national pride. Concerning national security, this serves as a challenge to improve safety measures of a nation.
The definitions of art and culture that generally point towards the individuality of a nation have some disparities with the purpose of globalization to create one nation, which in some ways may need to intermingle some of the cultural differences among nations and in the process some of these cultural values may be compromised. In Hou Hanru’s statement saying, “To promote cultural difference and hybridity in contemporary art, one must first and foremost consider the need to create alternative contexts.” (Mullard 37) globalization in art does not require compromising a nation’s heritage instead, some alternative approach can be done to still preserve distinct cultures while building cultural crossbreeds in the art that are acceptable for diverse nations.
Through ages, art has significantly depicted a country’s identity and rich culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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