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Cellular Network - Essay Example

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These technologies are largely communication enabled. The field of communication is largely contributing towards these technologies operations and engagements.
The wireless communication means have enabled…
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Cellular Network
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Download file to see previous pages The 3rd generation based technologies consist of set of protocols, standards and new concepts which provide further advanced and improved quality based services. 3G incorporates special set of software applications, as well as hardware devices.
3G enabled technologies incorporate set of frequencies, standards and patents that are formally approved by I.T.U (International Telecommunication Union). The I.T.U is a globally approved and globally centralized entity that defines the standards and ensures global transmission of digital communication across the wireless medium.
3rd Generation based technologies come in the form of set of coding techniques that allow improved working in terms of security, speed and performance. One of the key coding techniques is that of C.D.M.A.
C.D.M.A is an acronym for Code division Multiplexing Access. This comes as a successor to the T.D.M and F.D.M which were used by the 1st Generational and 2nd Generational technologies based communication. C.D.M.A provides advanced performances such as increased number of users’ facilitation, more secure transmission, less chances of interferences and breaking into the network and various other features. The 3G enabled technologies made it possible using the broadband technology speed for data transmission. It enabled Giga Bit transmissions which would be more effectively used in the 4th generation and proceeding technologies as the journey of advancements continue.
3rd generation based technologies provide variable rates subject to the platform and medium. From a static station the data rates peak up to 384 kilo bits per second. On the go transmissions vary relatively in terms of speed. On the go rates are relatively low and are up to the range of 128 kilo bits per second. Owing to the data rates variation and a feature which comes as a positive side of this technology, the 3rd generational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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