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Annotated Bibliography  H. Seferoglu, O. Gurbuz, O. Ercetin and Y. Altunbasak, “Rate-Distortion Based Real-Time Wireless Video Streaming,’’ in Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol. 22, pp. 529-542, July 2007. Star rating:  4 Stars:  Paper provides a key method/approach for my research Key words: Channel coding; Error correction; Multimedia streaming; Packet scheduling; Rate-distortion optimization; video coding; Wireless networks…
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Information Technology Annotated Bibliography
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, they conducted comprehensive experiments that illustrated near optimal video streaming transmission quality. Their approach comprised a cross-layer protocol, which applies an intelligent approximation prediction of rate-distortion packets scheduler for real time video streaming. Additionally, it also comprises a forward error correction technique that protects against wireless channel noise. This article provides methodology and principle for my work in cooperative video streaming in smartphones using web browser cache. Conversely, their approach is a stand-alone application in mobile devices where I am interested in extending there work but with focus on persuasive approach using web browsing cache to achieve this target. Many concepts and guidelines in the article provide a good basis for live video streaming on wireless mobile connection, which I can, use. Overall, the strength can be seen in the work of optimization framework whereas, the limitation of this article is within their experiment, which they did not compare with other approaches. H. Seferoglu and A. Markopoulou. “Video-Aware Opportunistic Network Coding over Wireless Networks,” in IEEE JSAC, Special Issue on Network Coding for Wireless Communication Networks, vol. 27, June 2009. Star rating:  2 Stars:  Paper describes some important terms and fundamental concepts Key words: Network coding, video streaming, prioritizedtransmission, wireless networks, and cross-layer optimization. The study highlights the aspect of network coding in increasing both the video quality and throughput over a wireless network for video streaming. This article cross-references various journal articles on relevant topics, which makes it easy to explode detailed information about contents of interest. Its concentration regards discussions that propose network coding and scheduling scheme for transmitting several video streams over a wireless mesh network. The know how mainly comes from the current researches, which claim; network coding can increase throughput contrary to broadcast media through integrating packets obtained from diverse flows. Consequently, resulting to increased information content per transmission owing to the keen selection, which its basis is the decoding capacity concerning different network codes prior the main commencement. In comparing the former design and recent, the latter is more advantageous, since its information content per transmission is adequate or not limited thus, yielding to video quality of up to 5dB. In addition, the recent design possesses an extensive advancing capacity, which usually has similar MAC throughput levels. It is certain that, this work bridges the gap between the two approaches. Finally, the paper serves as an essential reading, which can help me gain deep knowledge regarding video streaming and network coding. Hence, act as supplement to the already attained knowledge towards the intended research. H. Seferoglu, A. Markopoulou, U. C. Kozat, M. R. Civanlar and J. Kempf, “Dynamic FEC Algorithms for TFRC Flows,” in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, vol. 12 pp. 869-885, Dec. 2010.  Star rating:  5 Stars: Paper is a leading paper for my research. I need clearly to comprehend how my research builds on this research. Key words: Application Layer FEC, Congestion Control, Video ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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