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This report illustrates the author's analytical skills and assesses professional practice by using different theories and skills which support Social Work. By evaluating a specific case involving a client, it is possible to reflect upon the progress of the counseling in the duration of the placement …
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My Analytical Skills and Professional Practice
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Download file to see previous pages The second part will present the different theories applicable to the case. It shall also present the assessment and risk management, planning, intervention, and legislation. It shall also present the different actions were taken throughout the case analysis by using questions like what, when, why, which, and how. The third part will evaluate my practice and the effectiveness of my applied interventions while also pinpointing the main roles that relate to social work practice and the different personal and ethical issues underpinning the issue or case. The final and concluding part shall combine the entire assessment and self-assessment process needed to be effective in one’s practice. All in all, this paper shall evaluate the different aspects of practice and integrate them into a logical and comprehensive whole.
Aldrin is a 55-year-old male; he is Irish and has been living at a temporary housing center for the past 18 months. During the client interview, it is revealed that he has had a history of alcohol abuse spanning almost 20 years. He also has a history of drug dependency, but he says he has been off the drugs for about 10 years now. When he was 12 years old, he, along with his parents and siblings moved to London from Ireland. He married 30 years ago and he lived in London with his wife where they raised their 3 children. After 15 years of marriage, however, his wife died and he was left to raise their 3 children. He was a closet alcoholic and when his wife was alive, she prompted him to get help several times, but he denied having a problem. When his children were grown, his drinking habits got worse as he had more free time on his hands. It got to a point when his drinking habit lost him his house and his job and he became homeless. He lost contact with his children throughout the years.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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