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As University of Miami graduate I definitely have many reasons to apply the University of Miami graduate school in Master of Business Analysis, because I’ve had a great opportunity to make sure that this university is the best for me to become a high professional in…
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Why i want to go to University of Miami
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Download file to see previous pages A balanced way of combining both theoretical and practical approaches of education makes a big difference between University of Miami and other universities. And since the major I choose is business analysis, this combined method of education is very important for me to obtain my specialty properly and on a high level. The reason of this is quite obvious: being a good business analytic requires to practice a lot with a huge massive of data, but to be able to process the information you need to know how to do it, to be theoretically versed. I believe that University of Miami can give me an opportunity to acquire all the indispensable knowledge to become a real professional in my chosen realm. Also, which is very important in studying process, the professors of the university are excellent professionals and I had a chance to ascertain this while studying in the university. The university hires ones of the best, so it’s not strange that its alumni occupy high positions in best companies worldwide. In addition, as for a foreign student, it is quite important fact for me that the university accepts a lot of foreign students into studying process; I consider this as a great opportunity to establish international contacts with future professionals in economics, which might be useful in my further career.
During my undergraduate program in University of Miami in the summer of 2012 I practiced in Guo sen Securities, a Chinese state-owned investment bank headquartered in Shenzhen. Analyzing a lot of financial documents I realized that the knowledge I had acquired in university were practically very useful for me to handle with all the responsibilities I had within the scopes of the internship. In the university I learned how to estimate and prevent financial risks, make capital budgets, develop lasting conceptual frameworks, and analyze future ideas in the financial arena. I saw, that my knowledge and skills were in a high level for an intern, so I’m ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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