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The Yes Men Fix the World (2009) movie - Essay Example

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The University is renowned academic center that caters to global community. It is also famous for producing world class baseball players. The athletes maintain their ties with the university and motivate and facilitate young players…
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The Yes Men Fix the World (2009) movie
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Extract of sample "The Yes Men Fix the World (2009) movie"

Target of Miami is the target The is renowned academic center that caters to global community. It is also famous for producing world class baseball players. The athletes maintain their ties with the university and motivate and facilitate young players by giving training and providing financial aid to university for updating infrastructure and getting modern equipment. The University runs one the most successful baseball programs to produce professional players. It has envious record of qualifying in 40 consecutive seasons for NCAA tournament and winning national championship four times since 1982. Recently university had named its renovated baseball stadium after Alex Rodriguez as he had donated $3.9 million for upgrading the field.
Assumptions that are being challenged
The university’s ethical considerations are being challenged. The star athletes like Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Gio Gonzalez and five other prominent people associated with university and its programs have recently come under investigation for use of banned drugs (Schmidt, 2013). Moreover, various newspaper report claim that they have also links with clinics like Biogenesis that helps them to get performance enhancing drugs. Jimmy Goins the conditioning coach of Miami is suspected of providing drugs to the players. The university has therefore become nexus for drug mafia and is presently under investigation by NCAA.
Prank setting
Yes person would initiate a sustained campaign against the athlete program of University of Miami for providing performance enhancing drug to its players. They would do so by using 3 news write-ups about the new research initiative started by university in the area of performance enhancement of athletes.
How prank would use communicate
National newspaper and local paper would be used as platforms to carry out media campaign. The three articles would have following tentative titles:
First report: ‘University of Miami looking for new research into the performance enhancement of athletes’.
The article would hint at the various performance enhancing drugs that boost performance and for which many professional players are being investigated.
Second report: ‘Health clinic identified by University that would assist it to experiment and test various drugs for improving athletes performance’
The article would highlight the involvement of Biogenesis and use it to target the athlete programs of the university and how banned drugs have been traced to the programs.
Third report: ‘University legitimizes drug usage as effective performance enhancers and would create special funding for accessing them to maintain its winning streak in Miami Sports’
The report would be a satire as how the academia can become leader in developing creative linkages with underworld and capture national headlines.
How prank fits with Appiah’s idea of culture
Appiah’s idea of culture mainly relies on empowering people and letting them be the master of their decisions (Appiah, 2006). He says that often the excruciating circumstances of the people become major planks for the developed world to exploit and force their own attitude and ideas in the name for preserving cultures and cultural identities. He believes that ethics, morality and cultural paradigms are critical aspects which become extraneous not because people actually want to but due to lack of resources which makes them opt for new tools of survival. The prank is closely linked to Appiah’s ideas as it indirectly targets the ethical lassitude of the modern academia and its changing priorities for competing in different areas of human interaction.
(words: 556)
Appiah, Kwame Anthony. The Case for Contamination. 1 Jan. 2006.) 7 feb. 2013.
Schmidt, Michael S. Drug Enquiry Focuses on Athletes’ Ties to Team at University of Miami. 6 Feb. 2013. 7 feb. 2013. Read More
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