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Theories of crime paper - Movie Review Example

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The classical theory of criminology is all about three things: it believes that all individuals, including criminals, have free will, rational manner and manipulability. It means that when a crime is committed, it is done out of free will, that the criminal chooses to do it;…
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Theories of crime paper
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Download file to see previous pages Knowing this makes people, and criminals predictable and manipulable by knowing the patterns that they would take to get what they want (Tibbetts & Hemmens, 2012). According to De Haan and Vos (2003), this theory explains all forms of crime by thinking that all criminals did things within reason. It assumes that all crimes are done rationally for their benefit. A study from Lehtinen and Kuorikoski (2007) argues that the limitations of the classical theory are the unrealistic assumptions of human behavior. Classical theory assumes that all humans follow a certain set of behaviors in the pursuit of their own interests, which is not always the case.
The Differential Association, Social Learning, and the Subcultural theory are all about criminals acquiring their criminal behavior from associations with criminal definitions. To them, their definition of crime makes it justifiable to do what they do. Some even approve of criminal conduct, making it easier for the criminal to commit a crime. People who are always around people that are antisocial tend to adopt their antisocial behavior which can also lead them to committing crimes. A study by Church, Wharton, and Taylor (2009) applied this theory to juvenile delinquents. They investigated the delinquents’ relationships with their families, their self-image, and their behaviors. They learned that by improving the delinquents’ self-image, they can reduce the chances of delinquency. They also found out that being around, other delinquents can increase the chances that the child will be a delinquent too, no matter what the person’s race may be.
The labeling and reintegrative shaming theory of crime is about how criminals find it difficult to break free from society labeling them as criminals. They are stigmatized, and they feel that there is no other person that they can be since all that people see in them is the criminal. This develops their criminal identities and makes it difficult to fit in with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theories of Crime Paper Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1.
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